Program Costs

Estimated Expenses

For general college expenses, students should view LCCC’s cost of attendance. Additional estimated expenses for the entire PTA program are:
Immunizations $150
Background check and drug screening $218
Books $700
PTA Student Acceptance Fee
(applied to class/lab fees) 
Health Sciences Program Fee $200/semester
Additional class/lab fees $600
PTA national licensing exam fee
(after program completion)
Wyoming licensure fee
(after program completion)
The student is expected to provide transportation to class and to the assigned clinical education sites. The students should also be aware that clinical education sites may be out of the area and/or out of state.

Please note that a student’s total cost-of-attendance includes the following components:

  • tuition and fees
  • books/course materials/supplies/equipment
  • living expenses: housing and food
  • transportation
  • miscellaneous/personal expenses
  • average loan fee