Life Enrichment

The Life Enrichment at LCCC offers an array of courses designed to enhance a person's life and let them explore new interests. Available in person (Cheyenne and Pine Bluffs) or online, these sessions explore an extensive variety of interests, including:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Dog Training
  • Equine
  • Financial Planning
  • Fitness and Wellness
  • Foreign Language

Fall 2023 Outreach & Workforce Development

Register Online or Call 307.778.1236 to register for classes.

2023 Fall Class Schedule for Outreach and Workforce Development


Travel with LCCC

The French Riviera Trip: Feb. 15-23, 2024. Call 307.778.1236 or email lifeenrichmentFREELARAMIE for more information.

Life Enrichment Instructor Proposal Form

If you are interested in teaching a Life Enrichment class and would like to learn more about the proposal submission process, please contact the Life Enrichment Program Manager at 307.778.1134.