How to Register | Registering the First Day of Class

LCCC has several start dates each semester. Students need to apply at least two weeks before their chosen start date. Learn more about LCCC's different start dates by visiting the block scheduling page.

Students can visit the admissions page to learn the enrollment steps, which includes applying for admissions, taking the placement tests, completing orientation, meeting with an advisor and registering and paying for classes.

How to Register

  1. Log in to myLCCC. (If you are having trouble logging in, please call the Help Desk at 307.778.HELP (4357)).
  2. Click on the Self-Service app and log into Self-Service. (If you are having trouble logging in, please call the Help Desk at 307.778.HELP (4357)).
  3. Click on Student Planning in the left navigation menu and navigate to the Plan & Schedule page within Self-Service.
  4. Follow the prompts to search and register for classes.*
  5. Print a copy of your schedule and check your official school email (from your myLCCC "My Apps" page) for important information about your registration.
  6. See the video on the right for some info about how to navigate in Student Planning.

*If you are unable to complete the registration process, it may be due to a hold on your student account, or other outstanding requirements. Please contact the Student Hub for assistance.

Registering the First Day of Class

LCCC does not allow late registration. However, students may, in some circumstances, register for a class on the day the class begins. Students must be admitted to LCCC and eligible for registration.

This process applies to all blocks and all first day additions. If the class is at capacity, students must also obtain consent from the dean.

To add a face-to-face section, students may register prior to the course start time, or must attend the first day of class and obtain instructor consent.

Students may request to be added to an online course by following the steps below, contingent upon available space in the section (not closed or waitlisted) and the timeliness of the request. All students are added on a first-come, first-added basis by the time stamp of their request.

Verify that the section you wish to add has seats available. If the section is closed or waitlisted, you cannot be added without consent from the instructor and the dean.

If the section has available seats, email your request through your official school email to student-recordsFREELARAMIE. You must include the following information in your request:

  • A sentence indicating the course details (course prefix, course number, and section number, i.e., ENGL 1010 500) you wish to add (online sections only).
  • Submit this email no later than 5 p.m. Mountain Time on the first day of class. Any requests received after close of business will not be completed.

If you've emailed your request before 5 p.m. on the first day of classes and the section has seats available, you will receive a return email confirming the addition of this section to your schedule within 24 hours of your request. If you haven't received an email within 24 hours of your request, please contact the Student Hub at 307.778.1265.


All registered? Find out how to make your payments via the Cashier's Office.