Scholarship Auditions

Scholarships will be offered based upon performance ability, musical ability and GPA. Scholarships are available for music majors and non-music majors.

Vocal and Instrumental Music Auditions

  • Students must present two pieces in contrasting styles
  • Auditions are limited to a primary instrument
  • Musical abilities will be assessed (scales, ranges, aural skills, sight-reading)
  • Video recordings of auditions may be accepted. Contact Frank Cook at 307.778.1306 or fcookFREELARAMIE for details.

If scholarships are offered, students must

  • maintain a 2.5 GPA or better in all coursework
  • maintain a C or better in all music courses (including at least one performance ensemble)
  • be enrolled in at least one performance ensemble both fall and spring semesters
  • attend and volunteer service (when requested) for events within the Schools of Arts and Humanities each semester (1 for non-majors and at least 2 for music majors).

Scholarships may be renewable for up to 5 consecutive semesters contingent upon college funding and successful completion of scholarship requirements.