LCCC Receives Relief

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, LCCC has had the opportunity to support both our students and campus improvements with the support of federal coronavirus relief funding. Since last March, funding received has been used to provide direct financial assistance for our students, beyond the college’s normal financial aid packages. It has also allowed LCCC to make important campus improvements, providing opportunities for students to learn virtually and move LCCC towards resuming in-person instruction and community engagement.

LCCC received almost $11 million. This money was used in the following ways:

chart about how CARES grant funding was spent: 14% student aid, 28% COVID mitigation, 21% remote teaching and learning transitions, 23% technology infrastructure modernization

Campus improvements include:

  • Owl Cameras for Classrooms: Owl cameras track the presenter as they move, allowing greater interaction in hybrid settings.
  • WiFi Expansion: Expanded LCCC WiFi coverage to parking lots and exterior spaces (student access options during closure).
  • HVAC - Indoor Air Quality and Changeover Rate: Migration from pneumatic to digital building system controls for enhanced controllability of the indoor air—particularly in higher transmission risk (greater density, high volume traffic) areas.
  • Student Lab Equipment: Additional equipment and supplies to lessen sharing of materials during student lab work.

LCCC nursing student  Sarah Chaput prepares  for a Zoom meeting  with her instructor  in the Crossroads Building.

LCCC nursing student Sarah Chaput prepares for a Zoom meeting with her instructor in the Crossroads Building.

LCCC students  Tung Huynh, left,  and Viviana Hinojosa read  through their class syllabus in the  Ludden Library on the first day of classes.

LCCC students Tung Huynh, left, and Viviana Hinojosa read through their class syllabus in the Ludden Library on the first day of classes.

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