LCCC Foundation Legacy Society

sculpture in front of the Clay Pathfinder building on the LCCC campus

Leave YOUR Legacy  

Each year supporters of the LCCC Foundation make a significant impact in the lives of our students and the development of the college. A meaningful way to ensure a legacy of support is through membership in the LCCC Foundation Legacy Society.

Members of the Legacy Society have chosen to include LCCC in their estate and long-term planning. Their forethought and dedication to LCCC will ensure that the college can continue its mission to transform lives through the power of inspired learning.

Areas that have benefited from legacy gifts include:

  • Scholarship programs
  • Capital construction and facility renovations
  • Academic programming
  • Golden Eagle Athletics
  • Student experiences outside of the classroom

Legacy gifts can include life insurance and bequests, real estate, rollovers, and retirement plans. We can work with you and your financial advisor to craft a plan that meets your financial goals, while making a lasting impact on the college.

Members of the LCCC Foundation Legacy Society make a significant difference in the lives of students and the growth of this community; ensuring generations of Golden Eagles the opportunity to transform their lives and impact their future!

To learn more about how you can include LCCC in your long-term planning and become a member of the LCCC Foundation Legacy Society, please contact Austin Rodemaker at or 307.432.1618.

Please consult your attorney or tax advisor before making any charitable gift planning decision.

Donor Profiles

Photo of Tricia Courtney

Tricia Courtney is the daughter of Al Watenpaugh, the first ever dean for Laramie County Community College. The Watenpaugh ties to education run deep with connections to LCCC, Sheridan College, and the University of Wyoming. Her childhood was split between Sheridan, WY and Washington State. 

Tricia believes in the concept of paying it forward.   She had many people before her that supported her in a multitude of ways. Tricia believes that if you have the opportunity to help others, you need to take advantage of it. 

“As people age, the future is not guaranteed, so make your plans now. There are so many ways to leave a legacy and the size of the gift does not matter. A gift of any size counts towards making an impact on the next generation.” 

While Tricia herself did not attend LCCC, she knows how much a gift to the college would mean to her father, especially as she notes “I have seen the fir trees in front of the administration building grow from under 6 feet to well over anyone’s head!” 

Tricia has included LCCC in her long-term planning and believes in the development and enhancement of education in the State of Wyoming. She is very proud of her family history in building the foundation of the college and is excited with the growth and future plans for growth. 


photograph of Hans Seitz

Hans Seitz’s passion for the beautification and development of Cheyenne is evident in the organizations he supports. From the Downtown Development Authority, to the Lincoln Theater and the Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra. Seitz is keenly aware of how beauty (in all of its forms and functions) can impact someone’s experience. 

 “Culture and beauty are aspects of the community that make this place special, they can also help attract and retain future generations to Cheyenne. I am proud to have been a part of the visual and cultural beautification of Cheyenne, and I am proud to continue that at LCCC.” 

Seitz’ passion for the growth and development of this community sprang from his passion for service and connections. 

Seitz has included the LCCC Foundation in his long-term planning; specifically, to enhance and develop the physical campus in Cheyenne. The expansion of hardscapes and landscapes, while understanding the limitation of the regional climate and the need to be conservation-minded is a challenge the college faces as Cheyenne grows to the south and east. Transforming the college’s physical environment into a vibrant and appealing place is important to providing an engaging campus for students.

“With this legacy gift, I hope to not only inspire students to find their path at LCCC, but to also inspire them with a sense of place and a connection to that place. I hope that students connect with the campus and the community, and see the opportunities in Cheyenne for their future.”


Earl and Carol Kabeiseman

As the first director of the nursing program, Carol Kabeiseman has not only participated in the growth of the of the college, but has also been instrumental in the development and transformation of our students. “In the early years we were one big family. Helping each and every student get through their program, making sure they stayed on track for graduation. We also made sure the students had the proper supplies to be a success in the classroom; books, coats, rides to campus, we were all invested in the students’ success. We wanted to remove as many barriers to education as we possibly could.”

This spirit of access to education and dedication to student success was prevalent throughout Carol’s 33 years at the college, and continues today through the Kabeiseman’s support of LCCC. Carol and Earl have chosen to support students in the Health Sciences & Wellness Pathway by establishing an endowed scholarship for nursing students, and through the creation of an endowed fund to provide equipment for the nursing program. “We have seen how an education in nursing can change someone’s life. From a single mother striving to bring herself and her family out of poverty, to a 63year-old following their passion to care for others; helping students discover a rewarding career is truly powerful. The achievement of a student earning their degree will have an impact for generations to come. Life changing experiences are what LCCC can provide, and that is what we want to ensure continues.” 

In addition to LCCC, Carol and Earl are dedicated supporters of other community organizations in Cheyenne; and the thread that ties them all together is how they make a difference in the Cheyenne community. “If you want to support this community, then support LCCC!  So many of the graduates from LCCC stay in this community to raise families, work, and provide opportunities for the next generation. We feel very fortunate for all the opportunities this community provides and we want to give back in a lasting and meaningful way.”

Legacy in Action

Photo of students in an accounting class holding up notecards that say "assets".

In 2018-2019, the estate of Lois C. Mottonen made a generous gift to the college with a focus area on supporting students in business and supporting the business program.

From this donation, LCCC was able to establish the Lois C. Mottonen Scholarship, which is an endowed fund supporting scholarships for non-traditional business students at LCCC. The intent is to help these students enter the workforce following the completion of the degree or transfer to a university to finish their undergraduate program. 

Furthermore, the estate helped fund a new innovative business program. Through this program, LCCC is able to provide opportunities for students to explore educational opportunities and experiences in the business management world.

This gift ensures that the legacy of Lois C. Mottonen will live on and continue to strengthen the local community. Our students are better off as a result of the forward thinking of Ms. Mottonen. 


photograph of students tearing down a transmission in LCCC's Flex Tech building

In 2020, the estate of Thomas Roeseler made a generous gift to support the Trades & Technical Studies Studies Pathway at LCCC. The gift included support for student scholarships, programmatic support, and funding for initiatives that support Career and Technical Education. 

As a result of the gift, the Trades & Technical Studies Pathway has been able to significantly upgrade needed equipment, ensuring that students work with industry-best equipment and materials. Additionally, LCCC students have benefited from an expanded scholarship program with increased access to post-secondary educational opportunities and training. 

The Pathway has also been able to host a community summit focused on Career and Technical Education do to this gift.  This summit connected local school districts, post-secondary education, and industry leaders in an effort to strengthen trades education and the path to workforce after high school. 

This generous gift has made a tremendous impact not only on LCCC and our students, but the entire community. The legacy of Thomas and Olive Roeseler will continue for generations in Laramie County. 


Group photo of all the LCCC student athletes together in LCCC plaza. They are all wearing their sport uniforms.

In 2016, a gift from the Estate of Mary Jo Carson was directed to support students and opportunities in eastern Laramie County, along with an unrestricted gift. The unrestricted gift provided the LCCC Foundation a unique opportunity to grow the Golden Eagle Athletic Scholarship, providing support to LCCC’s student athletes. Through the generosity and foresight of Ms. Carson, to provide LCCC with an unrestricted gift, the college and foundation were able to identify an area of greatest need when the gift was received. LCCC athletics can now be more competitive when recruiting students and provide support to our student athletes as they reach their educational and athletic goals. 

In 2020, the Golden Eagle Athletic Scholarship awarded over $13,000 in scholarship support to deserving student athletes. 

The growth of a dedicated athletic scholarship fund, not only helps support golden eagle athletes, but it creates opportunities for institutional scholarship programs to support ALL LCCC Students. 

The generous gift from the Mary Jo Carson Estate has been a significant catalyst to the growth of the athletic scholarship program, and in-turn, has contributed to the success of the Golden Eagle Athletic Program. Recipients of the scholarship have achieved all-conference and all-American honors; representing LCCC and this community at the regional and national level.