Roles & Procedures

Campus Safety employs a safety force of five full time officers and one full time supervisor on the Cheyenne campus to assist students, employees and the general public in ways to make their time on campus a safe and satisfying experience.

The members of Campus Safety are not certified peace officers and do not have arrest powers.

Any criminal activity is reported immediately to the Laramie County Sheriff's Department. Campus Safety prepares incident reports on reported crimes and all other incidents on campus in the Campus Incident Log, which is displayed outside of BT213, in the Crossroads Building, and in the Ludden Library.

Campus Safety Director

The Director of Campus Safety is responsible for department leadership, overall department direction, and is a liaison with area law enforcement/security organizations and intra-campus collaboration. The director also makes recommendations about traffic and safety, which then goes to President's Cabinet for discussion.

Campus Safety Supervisor

Campus Safety Supervisor is responsible for directing the day to day activities of the department and advises and makes recommendations to the Director.  The Supervisor is responsible for training programs and routine department operations.

Campus Safety Officers

Safety officers are responsible for maintaining order on campus and providing safety for college personnel, facilities and property. Their training includes, but is not limited to, departmental practices, college policies, campus code of conduct, interpersonal communication techniques, crisis intervention and stress management skills, CPR, first aid and Automated External Defibrillator training, report writing, use of department equipment, patrol and building safety check procedures and conflict management. 

Policies, Procedures and Practices

Campus Safety procedures include officer appearance and general conduct, use of department equipment, interactions with local law enforcement, report writing procedures, campus patrolling, distribution of reports and responding to incidents. These procedures are available for review in the safety director's office.

Enforcement Authority 

Campus Safety officers monitor and enforce college rules and regulations as well as create a supportive service climate for students, employees and guests. Safety officers are not sworn peace officers and they cannot enforce county, state or federal laws. They do, however, observe and report violations of law to the appropriate law enforcement agency and complete the necessary documentation in accordance with procedures.  

Relationship with Local Law Enforcement Agencies 

Campus Safety enjoys a good working relationship with law enforcement agencies that have jurisdiction on and around our campuses and our outreach centers. These agencies include the Laramie County Sheriff's Department, Wyoming Highway Patrol, Cheyenne Police Department, Pine Bluffs Police Department, Laramie Police Department and the Albany County Sheriff's Department.

Campus Safety maintains contact with the local law enforcement dispatch center and the emergency management communications center to allow for interagency communications by individual officers. Campus Safety also obtains vehicle license and registration information from the Laramie County Treasurer's Office when needed to assist in the performance of departments duties.