Sexual Assault Victim Help

Many victims of sexual assault suffer in silence, telling no one about what happened. Embarrassment, fear of not being believed, unfamiliarity with the legal system and support services, and fear of retaliation may all contribute to reluctance to report a sexual assault. We strongly urge anyone who is a victim of sexual assault to report it promptly.

Do not douche, shower, bathe or destroy clothing. All physical evidence, including fluids, hair, clothing, and fingernail scrapings can be very important in criminal proceedings. Prompt reporting gets you into the network of support services more quickly and increases the likelihood that the offender will be caught.

The sooner you report a sexual assault, the more promptly attention can be turned to your medical and emotional needs.

On-campus resources

Title IX Coordinator: Dr. Melissa Stutz, 307.778.1217 TitleIX_ADA.CoordinatorFREELARAMIE
LCCC Campus Safety: 307.778.1122 or 307.630.0645
Student Advocacy – Counseling and Campus Wellness 

Off-campus resources

Laramie County Sheriff 
Cheyenne Police Department 
Cheyenne Regional Medical Center Sexual Assault Resources 

Military Resources

Air Force Victim Advocates 
Wyoming Air National Guard Victim Advocate 
Cheyenne Veteran Affairs Medical Center, Military Sexual Trauma 

Laramie, Wyoming Resources

Albany County SAFE Project 
Wyoming Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault 
Laramie Police Department