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Application Process | Selection of Students | Program Progression

Prior to enrolling in the Bachelor of Applied Science coursework, students must have completed an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree from a regionally accredited institution. Students who have not completed an AAS degree should first enroll in and complete one of the many program offerings available by the college. Students who have completed a different type of associate's degree should contact the program director to get more information. 

Applications are being accepted from Feb. 15 - July 31. Successful applicants who have completed the admission process will be notified of acceptance to the program no later than Aug.1. 

Open to the first twenty-five (25) qualified students each year. Alternates will be considered. 

Application Process

To be considered for admission into the program, complete the following steps:

Submit an LCCC Admission Application and complete the steps to become a student. 

If you are a current student or have taken courses at LCCC within the last year, you do not need to reapply to LCCC.

Choose Health Sciences and Wellness for your Pathway, and Bachelor of Applied Science—Healthcare Administration as your interest.

Provide an official copy of all past college transcripts. Transcripts must be sent directly from the institution or arrive in a sealed envelope to be considered official. Allow up to 20 business days for processing of official college transcripts, upon receipt.

Official transcripts can be submitted via secure electronic PDF (student-recordsFREELARAMIE) (official transcripts only), or mail (1400 E. College Drive, Cheyenne, WY 82007), or a hard copy can be turned in by the student.

Provide unofficial copies of all past college transcripts to the HCA Program Director with the application.

Students must show completion of an Associate of Applied Science degree.

 Selection of Students

After July 15, all completed applications will be reviewed by a selection committee composed of faculty members and other personnel.
Selection will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Required AAS degree completed or in progress
  2. Cumulative GPA

Should any students receive identical scores, the date of receipt of the applications will be considered in giving priority. Final selection will be made and the students will be notified. An alternate list will be made to fill any cancellations.

This program does not use an annual waiting list; therefore, students not selected for admission into the Healthcare Administration Program who wish to reapply must initiate the admission application process again the following year before being reconsidered. Applications of all students who are not selected for admission will be kept for one year after the deadline and will then be destroyed.


To progress in the Healthcare Administration Program, the student must:

  1. Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above. This is required prior to and after acceptance into the program.

Transfer Students

Prerequisites and other courses in the curriculum are only eligible for transfer credit from regionally accredited institutions. All transcripts will be evaluated by LCCC’s Registrar and the Program Director for transfer credit as applicable. Specific requirements are outlined in the Healthcare Administration Student Handbook available from the LCCC program director and on the program’s website in Transfer of Credit Procedure 3.18P.