Estimated Student Expenses, 2025-2026* (Approximate and subject to change)

For general college expense, view LCCC’s tuition and fees. Students in the Dental Hygiene Program have an estimated expense of $21,000 – $25,000 in addition to tuition and books. This is an estimate and may change at any time.

Dental Hygiene fee** (Split equally between four terms) $14,868

Textbooks and Course Packets First Year


Textbooks and Course Packets Second Year


Student Instrument Kit




Personal Expenses




Background Check and Drug Screen


Lab coats/scrubs/shoes/safety glasses


Dental Hygiene Pin


National Board


National Dental Hygiene Board Exam Review



$1,300 - $1,800

Travel Costs Associated with Board Exams


State Jurisprudence Exams

$400 - $600

State Licensing Fee

Varies by State

The Dental Hygiene program will provide some of the instruments, dosimeter service, SADHA membership and limited course supplies such as some materials needed for table clinics, community health projects and class presentations. Instruments and supplies that are provided by the program are the property of the Dental Hygiene program and must be returned at the end of Term 4. Students will be charged for any instruments or supplies not returned.

Financial Aid

Students are encouraged to visit with the Financial Aid Office. They may call 307.778.1215 or 800.522.2993 ext. 1215 for additional financial aid information. 

Please note that a student’s total cost-of-attendance includes the following components:

  • tuition and fees
  • books/course materials/supplies/equipment
  • living expenses: housing and food
  • transportation
  • miscellaneous/personal expenses
  • average loan fee
* Fees are subject to change.
** The Dental Hygiene Program Fee covers all four terms. A 25 percent deposit will be required at the time of acceptance into the program and will be applied toward the Principles of Dental Hygiene course fee. If the applicant notifies the program in writing that she/he no longer wants to be considered as an accepted member of their class, the deposit will be returned in full through Oct. 31. Beginning Nov. 1, the entire amount will be forfeited to the program. The remaining program fee will be evenly distributed through the remainder of the curriculum.