Policies & Procedures: 11.0 External Funding

LCCC is in the process of approving updated and consolidated policies and procedures relating to External Funds. Current status in the approval process and working documents are available from the Office of Sponsored Awards and Compliance by contacting the Sponsored Awards and Compliance Office at 307.432.1630 or saacFREELARAMIE.

11.1 Management and Oversight Authority Policy

11.2 Legislative Provisions Directing Funds (Earmarks)

11.3 Corporate and Business Relations and Sponsorships

11.4 Business Transactions

11.5 Gifts

11.6 Sponsored Awards Policy

11.6.1P Pre-Award Procedure
11.6.2P Post-Award Procedure Approval and Acceptance Procedure Award Account Establishment Procedure Performance Management and Reporting Procedure Fiscal Management Procedure Personnel Compensation (Time and Effort) Reporting Procedure Federally Funded Equipment Procedure

11.6.3P Institutional Compliance Procedure