Code Mode

Student Faith Coslett with computer code around her

As she thinks back on it, it was the Terminator movies and the Portal video games that got Faith Coslett interested in the world of programming, making her want to be a part of the rapid advances happening today.

“Everything from websites to video games is made up of code,” she said. “If you can imagine it, you can almost always make it with the right programming knowledge.”

Faith, who is in LCCC’s computer science program, plans to go on to the University of Wyoming once she completes her associate degree next spring. After that, she has her sights set on working on artificial intelligence, or AI.

Rob VanCleave, LCCC computer science instructor, says the demand for these skills in the job market isn’t going to cool down for several decades.
“All sectors of the economy and most areas of our society have gone digital,” Rob said. “Whether it’s social, business, non-profit, or recreational, we need computer science graduates.”