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Have Questions About Financial Aid?

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The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, is your application for all federal and most state financial aid programs. All LCCC scholarships, grants and awards require a FAFSA as well.

Not necessarily. You and your family may be surprised at your eligibility for federal or state financial aid programs. The FAFSA is also the application for student and parent loans.

Visit the FAFSA website and include LCCC’s school code of 009259. You may be required to include financial information about you and your parents. 

Only necessary LCCC staff (primarily in the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid/Student Hub) have access to your information. Our staff will only discuss your information with you. Parents included on the FAFSA may receive limited information related to your FAFSA, even if you sign a Release of Information

You’re considered independent by the Department of Education if you meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • 24 years old on Jan. 1 of the academic year
  • Married
  • Have children receiving more than half their support from you
  • Veteran or Active Duty military
  • Foster care or adopted after the age of 13
  • In legal guardianship
  • Homeless or at risk of becoming homeless

You may be asked to provide documentation of your status.

If you’re not independent by any of the criteria above, you must submit parent data on the FAFSA.

You must discuss your situation with staff at the Student Hub to determine if an appeal is warranted and what types of documentation will be required.

Check out our FAFSA Assistance webpage. You can contact the Student Hub for more assistance.

When LCCC receives your FAFSA, you will receive an email to your official school email account. The notification will include your next steps.

If you or someone in your household experiences a financial hardship due to job loss, change, death in the family or any other unexpected or extenuating circumstances you may discuss your situation with someone at the Student Hub to determine if an appeal is warranted and/or what types of documents are required.

On the “My Documents” page you're able to download forms, submit information and complete tasks required to complete your financial aid processing. All requested documents may be submitted either by mail, in-person to the Student Hub (at the Cheyenne or Laramie campuses), or via secure online dropbox (please note: you must print and physically sign forms before submitting them online; digital signatures are not accepted).

You can verify that LCCC has received your documents by reviewing “My Documents”; allow processing time of up to three business days after submission before documents are shown as "Received".

For many documents, allow 14-21 business days for the review and processing of your documents, once everything is received. This includes awarding, and verification.

Certain documents have longer review/processing timelines, including (but not limited to) SAP appeals, financial hardship applications, and Special Circumstance Appeals.

You will receive an email notification to your official school email account when you have been awarded financial aid. The email will include instructions as to how to accept/reject your awards.

Please submit the scholarship check, notification letter or other documentation of the award to the  Student Hub. We will notify you of changes via your official school email account.

Veterans and eligible spouses and dependents who are planning to use GI Bill® should contact the Student Hub for information and assistance.

We aren't permitted to award students over the cost of attendance (COA). If you receive additional financial aid from any source, LCCC may be required to adjust your financial aid award. If this occurs, you will be notified via your official school email account.

No. If you don’t want loans, simply reject them on your myLCCC account.

If you’ve been awarded more loans than you need, you may request the amount to be reduced by sending an email to the Student Hub via your official school email account. LCCC will notify you via official school email when that request has been completed.

If you accept enough financial aid to cover your tuition, fees, books and on-campus housing (if applicable), you will be able to charge your books to your student account. Simply take your schedule to the bookstore and inform them that you would like to charge your books to your financial aid.

Awarded and accepted financial aid will disburse to your student account beginning mid-September (Fall semester), early February (Spring semester) and/or early June (Summer semester). The financial aid will pay toward your charges on your student account and if you were awarded more financial aid then what your charges were, you will receive a refund for the balance. Please note: You must have completed all steps to receive your financial aid before your financial aid can disburse to your student account.

Refunds will be mailed to the student’s address on record within 10 business days after financial aid disbursement. Or, you can add your Banking Information via the Self-Service app in your myLCCC account to receive your refund by Direct Deposit.

Use the Self-Service app in your myLCCC account to add/edit Banking Information, or to verify and update your address on record.

Refund checks aren’t available for pick up at LCCC.

If your enrollment changes due to drop, withdrawal or course cancellation, your financial aid may be adjusted. You will receive an email notification via your official school email account if your financial aid award has been adjusted.

You must be enrolled in at least six credit hours to be eligible for your loan or the Parent PLUS Loan. If you drop or withdraw from classes before your loan fully disburses, your loan will be cancelled.

If you fail a class, you are eligible for federal financial aid for that class to repeat it up to two times. If you receive a passing grade (D- or better), you are eligible for financial aid to repeat that course one more time. Federal financial aid includes Pell, SEOG, student and parent loans, and work study.

SAP, or Satisfactory Academic Progress, is required for continued participation in federal financial aid programs, including loans and work study. SAP requires 2.00 cumulative GPA, completion of 67 percent of all attempted credits. Additionally, you can’t exceed 105 credits (degree seeking) or 54 credits (certificate seeking), including transferred credits, even if you change your program of study. You can view the SAP Policy to learn more. 

Attempted credits are any credits for which you enroll and receive a passing grade, or a W, U, F or I. Attempted credits also include transferred credits.
Completed credits are any credits for which you enroll and receive a passing grade (A, B, C or D). Completed credits also include transferred credits.

If you fail to meet SAP, you will be notified via official school email of your status. If your status is No Longer Eligible, you won’t be eligible for any federal financial aid, including grants, loans and work study.

If you believe you had mitigating circumstances that prevented you from making SAP, you may appeal your status with supporting documentation. Mitigating circumstances may include illness, death in the family, and other unusual circumstances. Appeals are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may take up to four weeks to review. Please contact the Student Hub for more information.