Students who qualify for services through the OSA will be provided access to all academic programs for which they are academically qualified. Requirements for admission and graduation are the same for all students.

Obtaining Services

  1. Contact the OSA for an appointment.
  2. Provide current documentation Students requesting services will be required to provide a copy current documentation of their disability. Laramie County Community College has adopted Documentation Guidelines as developed by the Consortium of Support Programs for Students with Disabilities Representing the Post-Secondary Institutions of Colorado and Wyoming.

Types of Services Provided

  • Accessible parking
  • Testing accommodations
    • Reader/taped test
    • Scribe
    • Extended time
    • Distraction-reduced environment
    • Calculator or multiplication table guide
  • Seating accommodations
  • Classroom relocation
  • Alternate format textbooks
  • Voice recording of lectures
  • Note takers
  • Sign Language Interpreters (other services for students who are deaf/hard of hearing)
  • Assistive technology
    • Equipment
    • Hardware
    • Software
  • Priority registration

Services for Students with Temporary Impairments

Temporary impairments such as broken bones, temporary illness, or while recovering from surgery are not commonly regarded as disabilities. The degree of limitation of major life functions and the duration of such impairments are usually not substantial enough to cause them to fall under the statutes that give rise to the provision of services to Laramie County Community College students with disabilities.
However, as a courtesy to students and their faculty, Office of Student Accommodations provides some services to students with temporary impairments. These services typically involve advocating for moving classrooms to accessible locations when a student's impairment prevents classroom access; access to adaptive technology; information regarding accessible transportation and temporary disability parking; notetaking and exam accommodations.


Tutoring is a free service provide for all LCCC students. Accommodations provided for tutoring sessions as needed. For more information contact the Learning Commons.