Because all clinical hours and/or clinical competencies must be completed to meet course requirements, this means you will be required to receive the Covid-19 vaccination on file to complete the CNA course. For additional information regarding these requirements, please see the Health Sciences and Wellness Covid-19 Policy, page 6.


After successfully completing the CNA course, the student earns a certificate and is eligible to take the Prometric exam to become a licensed Certified Nurse Assistant. Verification of immunizations (including Covid), CPR certification and a satisfactory background check is required. Anyone interested in becoming a CNA can take this course.

Students must be able to meet the essential functions of a nurse as found on the nursing webpage. 

2022-2023 Sessions in Cheyenne

  • A CNA class will be scheduled from:
  1. Mar. 20 - May 12 for the Spring 2023 session
  2. May 30 - July 21 for the Summer 2023 session
  • The course is a hybrid course that consists of online anytime (asynchronous) theory and face-to-face (in-person) lab and clinical.
  • For information, contact Dawn Williams at 307.778.1267.

About the Course

Students gain proficiency in basic resident care skills, beginning infection control, communication and interpersonal skills through theory, practice and supervised clinical experience. Students prepare to take the qualifying exam for CNA as an integral part of this course. Nurse aides must be certified to work in health care facilities in Wyoming, and this course is designed to meet OBRA guidelines and follows state-approved curriculum. A 30-hour clinical will be scheduled with the instructor at a local nursing home facility.

Attendance is mandatory. This is a state of Wyoming requirement. Hours that are missed for any reason must be made up with the instructor or the nursing tutor. There are absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS.


For the course: (The entire course is approximately $1,100)
  • Tuition and Lab Fee: Approximately $448.25
  • Textbook/Workbook Bundle: $89.95
  • Lab Kit: $116.95
  • Uniform:
  • Shoes: $60
  • Watch: $15
  • Scrubs: $60
  • CPR Certification: $50
  • TB Test: Price varies
  • Background Check: $15 - $20
For the Wyoming State Board Exam:
  • Credit Card Transaction:  $5
  • Application fee: $60
  • Criminal background check: $60
Prometric's Testing:
  • Written and Clinical Exam:  $115