About Us

Randy and Yvonne Ludden in the Ludden Library, surrounded by books
The Ludden Library welcomes students, employees, and members of the public to our newly renovated and expanded space, featuring ten group study rooms, an Innovation Lab/makerspace, and the Strickland Family Study Room. Our $6.2 million renovation project was completed in 2019 through a mix of private donations, LCCC monies, and funds provided by the Wyoming Legislature.
"Successful people almost never forget their roots. They always look back and offer a helping hand to those who follow them. That is why we chose to endow the library. A library is a refuge for everyone—young and old, poor and privileged, educated and uneducated—to go relax, to go and seek knowledge, truth, understanding and wisdom. May all who enter these hallowed halls find joy and happiness, knowledge and wisdom, and an everlasting and insatiable thirst to serve others."
Randy Ludden, 2019 rededication ceremony
Named in honor of the generous support of Randy and Yvonne Ludden, the Ludden Library houses almost 60,000 items and electronic subscriptions to more than 100 research databases. We also check out technology such as laptops, calculators, and webcams.
We strive to meet students' research needs and to support their educational goals. Students are encouraged to contact the library with any questions regarding how to access materials remotely, how to find quality information resources, and how to correctly cite and use those resources in their assignments.


To empower students, employees and the local community to utilize information resources and expertise to achieve their educational and lifelong learning goals.


The library integrates resources, technology and knowledgeable staff with the highest quality of customer service to continuously improve the college’s and community’s information access and use. We constantly innovate and enhance our services to be accessible, meaningful, and intuitive for all patrons in all locations. The library is a vibrant, inviting gathering place that encourages active teaching and learning, personal inquiry, collaboration, information literacy and lifelong learning.