Transfer Procedures


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Transfer of Credits from Regionally Accredited Postsecondary Institutions

Credit earned at other institutions will transfer to LCCC upon evaluation by the Office of the Registrar. Lower division, freshman, and sophomore college-level courses completed with a grade of C or higher from regionally accredited institutions may be accepted in transfer. Upper division, junior, senior, and graduate-level courses may be accepted in transfer to satisfy degree requirements with advisor approval. View the Transfer Credit Procedure - 3.18P in its entirety for more detailed information regarding transfer credit.
When students transfer to LCCC with an associate of science, an associate of arts, a bachelor's, or a graduate degree from an accredited institution, LCCC will accept that general education curricula, although students still must fulfill the Wyoming constitutional requirement. However, students transferring with an associate of applied science degree must fulfill LCCC's general education requirements if they are working toward an associate of arts or an associate of science degree.

Transfer Credits From Approved Secondary Institutions

Laramie County Community College will award credit for various International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) subjects as indicated in the college catalog.

Transfer of Credits to Approved Institutions

Credits earned at Wyoming community colleges are transferable to other approved institutions, though students are advised that usually only grades of C or higher can be applied to a degree program. Students, in conjunction with their advisors, should carefully consider each course to assure that no problems with transfer will arise. A knowledge of the transfer policy of the institution to which transfer will be made is also helpful. Transferability of each course is ultimately determined by the receiving institution. Students must see their advisors or refer to the Wyoming Higher Education Transfer Guide to obtain information on transfer of credit to the University of Wyoming.

Articulation Agreements 

Articulation agreements are formal arrangements between two or more colleges and universities to accept credits in transfer toward a specific academic program. LCCC has articulation agreements. Students can visit the articulation agreements web page to learn more.