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New Programs for Fall 2022*

Agriculture & Equine Pathway

  • Agriculture Production Technology: The Credit Diploma in Agricultural Production Technology prepares students to immediately enter the workforce in direct support of production agriculture working as an employee or entrepreneur in livestock and/or crop production. Students enrolled in this program gain industry certifications for commercial pesticide application and artificial insemination as well as a supervised internship. The technical expertise offered in this degree program can be included as part of the Agriculture and Equine Pathway Associate of Applied Science.
  • Equine Management: The Equine Management Credit Diploma prepares students for work in the field of equine training and management. Students will gain an overall understanding of equine anatomy, physiology, nutritional needs, and proper evaluation of a horse. Students will gain knowledge and skills necessary to prepare them for an internship in their chosen field, which will ultimately prepare them for work in the equine industry in careers such as managing a horse boarding, training or recreation facility.

Health Sciences & Wellness Pathway

  • Sports Performance and Coaching: The Sports Performance and Coaching Associate of Science program is focused on many aspects of sport related movement, its application to physical activity and performance in the pursuit of excellence in sport. This program is suggested for students who are interested in careers such as sport coaching, strength and conditioning, sports nutrition, or related fields.

Information Technology Pathway

  • Data Analytics: The Data Analytics Associate of Applied Science program will prepare students for entry-level positions in fields related to data analysis, presentation and warehousing. Students can earn additional credit diplomas and stackable industry certifications while concurrently earning this A.A.S. Students complete the Datacenter Specialist Credit Diploma during their first two semesters and then complete the Data Analytics Systems Credit Diploma during their third and fourth semesters.
  • Telecommunications Specialist: The Telecommunications Specialist Credit Diploma prepares students with industry-established skills necessary for a career in telecommunications deployment, maintenance and repair. Students gain expertise in ethernet, copper and fiber optic networking, as well as structural access and design, and workplace communications.
  • Data Analytics Systems Administrator: The Data Analytics Systems Credit Diploma provides students with the essential skills and knowledge to administer core data warehousing and analysis systems. Graduates of this program demonstrate the expertise necessary to leverage data systems for actionable business intelligence.
  • Virtualization and Cloud Administrator: The Virtualization and Cloud Administrator Credit Diploma will prepare students with the core skillset and experience to deploy, administer and manage modern enterprise IT services on virtualized and cloud platforms. Students can earn four industry certifications, and gain experience on the most prevalent platforms.

 *All programs are pending approval

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