Gen Ed: General Education

photo of students in a classroom with laptops and an instructor in the front of the room with information on the board behind her.

What is it?

General education courses are the foundation of many bachelor’s degree programs. They are skills everyone needs no matter their area of study and are usually taken in the first or second year of college. These classes improve critical thinking and include English and writing, math, history and science.


Why take them at LCCC?

If your career path includes a bachelor’s degree, getting started at LCCC with your gen eds can be a wise first step.

  • It can save you money – LCCC’s tuition is less expensive than 4-year universities, and there are many courses with no textbook to purchase or low-cost textbooks.
  • It can ease you into college – LCCC’s class sizes are much smaller than 4-year universities, around 15-1, which means you don’t get lost in the crowd.
  • You have support – LCCC's Learning Commons offers free tutoring for students and the Office of Student Accommodations provides free comprehensive, confidential services for students with documented disabilities.
  • It can fit in your schedule – There are options to meet your needs like daytime or evening classes and classes that meet face-to-face, online, hybrid or hyflex. There are options in both Cheyenne and Laramie, Wyoming. And, LCCC has traditional 16-week courses as well as 14-week, 12-week and 8-week options with some starting later in the semester. 

What does LCCC offer?

LCCC general education courses include: written communication, oral communication, quantitative literacy (math), human society, human cultures, natural sciences and creative expression.

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What should I take?

For specific information about which general education courses you need to take to fulfill your degree, visit your program's webpage and look at the program map: Programs by Pathway.

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We at LCCC value how students think as much as what they learn.  A successful general education program will help students transform their lives regardless of their path after graduation. 

General Education at LCCC

  1. Practices of Exploration, Research, and Problem Solving
  2. Practices of Creativity and Innovation
  3. Practices of Empathy and Integrity
  4. Practices of Communication and Collaboration

Students who are successful in these four essential practices will be better prepared to be leaders and entrepreneurs in their fields and their communities. 

In an age when anyone can look up content, employers and educators are looking for enterprising people who take initiative, adapt and solve complex problems, demonstrate integrity, and work productively with others.  Students will see college employees model these practices in their interactions.  The four practices will be integrated throughout students’ learning in all general education courses. 

Students need to understand how they are using the essential practices throughout their general education courses and in their programs, and students need to be able to document this work.  Students will also practice these and other skills through the Essential Student Experiences.  Students who complete a credential at LCCC will be more marketable and qualified because of the breadth of their experiences in general education, their programs, and in the Essential Student Experiences.  To ensure that students, faculty, transfer institutions, and employers will see and recognize how students are learning and developing these practices, we use a common language to describe these practices in our institutional documents and in our classes.