President's Cabinet

The President's Cabinet is an organization that is responsible for:
  • Representing the president and each of the major college areas that answer directly to the president: Academic Affairs, Administration and Finance, Student Services,  Human Resources, Institutional Advancement (Public Relations and Foundation), Institutional Effectiveness and the Albany County Campus.
  • Discussing issues affecting LCCC, including but not limited to policies and procedures, recommendations for action of the board of trustees, proposals for agendas for board meetings, crisis management, budget planning, filling of vacant positions and communication with outside agencies.
  • Considering ideas and proposals for the betterment of the college in meeting its mission.


  • President – Joe Schaffer
  • Vice President of Administration and Finance – Richard Johnson
  • Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs – Kari Brown-Herbst
  • Vice President of Student Services – Melissa Stutz
  • Associate Vice President of Institutional Advancement – Lisa Trimble
  • Associate Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness – Kim Bender
  • Interim Associate Vice President of Albany County Campus – Clark Harris
  • Executive Director of Human Resources – Tammy Maas