Living on Campus

Students who live on campus are more likely to be satisfied with their collegiate experience, succeed academically, graduate in a timely manner, and are better prepared for their chosen careers.

Top reasons to live on campus

  1. Residential living can be one of your most rewarding college experiences
  2. You have an opportunity to select a potential roommate based on shared interests
  3. You're more likely to have a higher GPA and complete your degree on time
  4. Built-in study partners can positively impact your academic achievement
  5. You get more involved in campus life and participate in activities offered exclusively for resident students
  6. You have easy access to study groups, field trips, movie nights, and more
  7. Housing costs are all-inclusive (with a meal plan!) and billed to your student account, and you can apply financial aid to the charges
  8. You save time and money since you don't have to travel to campus
  9. Residence halls have 24-hour security provided by the LCCC Campus Safety officers and the live-in staff
  10. You can experience the amazing diversity of the residential community.

  • LCCC Residence Halls
  • LCCC Residence Halls
  • LCCC Residence Halls
  • LCCC Residence Halls

Staffed and Ready

LCCC’s residence halls have a full-time professional residence life director along with resident assistants. Staff members build a positive residence hall community by planning activities, directing students to the needed services, and ensuring that the rights and responsibilities of all community members are respected. Residence hall staff members are returning student leaders who genuinely want to get to know members of their floor and assist their fellow students. All residence hall staff members live on site, with a staff member available to assist residents 24 hours a day. The Residence Life Office is conveniently located in the residence hall commons and is open from 8:30 a.m. to midnight every day.

Safe and Secure

Security measures are taken to help maintain a safe residence hall environment. The residence hall exterior doors are locked at all times. Access is limited to residents and their escorted guests via an electronic access device that opens the exterior doors. Residents also have one key to access the locks on their suite entrance and bedroom doors. All suite entrance doors also have a door viewer so residents can see who is outside the door before opening it. Security staff patrol campus 24/7.

Events and Activities

A major part of campus living centers on fun activities (often called programs) that Campus Living and Learning staff plan. These activities help build our community, new friendships, respect for diversity, personal development and academic success. 

Specialty Housing

Students have the opportunity to select floor designations that meet their unique interests.
  • Quiet Study – This floor community has an emphasis on academic success, as well as the option to extend standard quiet hours.
  • Substance Free – While LCCC is an alcohol-free campus, and smoking is prohibited indoors, this floor community focuses on wellness and a healthy lifestyle and includes a community expectation that members will not use alcohol, tobacco or other drugs at any time.
  • All Female – This floor community contains all female residents, as compared to standard housing, which is co-ed by suite.
  • Special accommodations – Campus Living and Learning and Disability Support Services work together to accommodate students with disabilities in residence halls. A student must fill out the Housing Accommodations Request form to request these accommodations.