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At LCCC, academic advising is an integral part of learning. The advising partnership between adviser and student is a continuous, interactive process that empowers students to make informed decisions and facilitates the achievement of academic, career and personal goals.
Advisers help introduce new students to the college and its academic policies and processes; provide students a venue for asking questions and seeking information; assist students with understanding programs of study, connecting these programs to the student’s goals, and matching placement levels to appropriate courses. Advisers also can assist students with the transfer process and with major and career exploration. Students interested in career interest assessments may meet with an advisor by appointment or with the Career Center program assistant. 
The Advising Center provides academic advising to all new students, general studies majors, pre-nursing majors, and students on academic probation or suspension. Advisers are assigned when a student either fills out an application for admission or changes his/her major. See the list of advisers (Word doc).  
It is a student's responsibility to check courses, dates, and times carefully when registering for classes at LCCC. By accepting their schedules during registration, students acknowledge that they are solely responsible for the course selections, including their applicability to LCCC degrees or certificates.
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