FAQ for Parents

Parents have just as many questions about on-campus housing as students do (sometimes even more!) Take a look through this section when considering making on-campus housing a part of your son or daughter's college career.

How much does it cost to live in the Residence Hall for one academic year?
The price to live in the residence hall includes room, meal plan, utilities, cable television and high-speed Internet access. Click here for rates and more information.
How does the meal plan work?
Meal plans are included in the cost of the Residence Hall and are not optional. Residents are issued a student ID card, on which the meal card is loaded each semester. Your son or daughter will be given a certain number of "all you can eat" meals per week plus a number of "flex" dollars that can be spent on grab and go items. Click here for rates and more information.
Can anyone get my son or daughter's suite number or telephone number?
No. Your son or daughter's information remains confidential. Only LCCC officials receive this information for LCCC-related purposes. A person calling the Residence Life Office to speak with your son or daughter must provide both a first and last name. The phone number is not given out. Likewise, suite numbers are not given out. Remember, this goes for parents, too, so make sure you communicate with your son or daughter to know exactly how to reach them! While this may seem like an inconvenience if you don't know their contact information, please keep in mind that it is to help ensure your son or daughter's safety.
Can I visit my son or daughter?
Of course! Guests are welcomed in the Residence Hall, provided they sign in at the office and are escorted by their resident at all times. Visitation hours are ample and are posted throughout the Residence Hall.
Still have a question about on-campus housing? Please contact us.