Several start dates to choose from

LCCC offers several start dates each semester to help you get started on your academic journey. You can start on Jan. 17, Jan. 30, Feb. 13 or Mar. 20. Depending on when you start you can take a 16-week, 14-week, 12-week or eight-week class. Find the start date and class length that fits your needs. Keep in mind you typically have more class options with the 16-week schedule.

Also remember to apply two weeks before the date you want to start so you can submit your transcripts, get your financial aid started and complete orientation.

Check out the interactive graphic to see start dates and other important information. To use the graphic, you can hover your mouse over the bars to get more information on a specific block start date.

Jan. 17

Spring 2017

May 12

Jan. 17 through May 12 (16 weeks)
  • Last day to apply: Jan. 2;
  •  Last day to register: Jan. 16;
  •  Classes start: Jan. 17;
  •  Classes end: May 12;
Jan. 17 through Mar. 10 (8 weeks)
  • Last day to apply: Jan. 2;
  •  Last day to register: Jan. 16;
  •  Classes start: Jan. 17;
  •  Classes end: Mar. 10;
Jan. 30 through May 12 (14 weeks)
  • Last day to apply: Jan. 15;
  •  Last day to register: Jan. 29;
  •  Classes start: Jan. 30;
  •  Classes end: May 12;
Feb. 13 through May 12 (12 weeks)
  • Last day to apply: Jan. 29;
  •  Last day to register: Feb. 12;
  •  Classes start: Feb. 13;
  •  Classes end: May 12;
Mar. 20 through May 12 (8 weeks)
  • Last day to apply: Mar. 5;
  •  Last day to register: Mar. 19;
  •  Classes start: Mar. 20;
  •  Classes end: May 12;

Important Semester Dates

Each start date has its own key dates you want to keep in mind throughout the semester. For example, the 10-week start date will have different dates for withdrawing, refunds and midterms than the other start dates. Visit the academic calendar web page to see all of the important semester dates.

Shared Semester Dates

Although you need to keep track of the dates for your chosen classes, some important dates are the same for all start dates. The following are key dates to remember for the Fall 2016 semester:

  • Jan. 3: Payment due date for early Spring registration (after this date, payment is due upon registration).
  • Jan. 16: Martin Luther King/Equality Day (college closed)
  • Feb. 10: Graduation application due
  • March 13-19: Spring Break (College closed on March 17)
  • April 4: Advising and faculty connections/planning day (no classes)
  • April 11: First day of Summer and Fall registration for currently enrolled students
  • April 18: First day of open registration for Summer and Fall
  • May 12: Last day of Spring Semester
  • May 13: Commencement
  • May 15: Grading day (grades due by noon)

For a complete listing of academic dates, view the academic calendar web page.