Master Plan

The LCCC board of trustees approved the Campus Master Plan (pdf) and Campus Master Plan Map (pdf) during its Oct. 19, 2011, business meeting. These files are large and may take awhile to download.
The Campus Master Plan gives the trustees and administration a framework for future campus development in Cheyenne and Laramie that will support the college’s continuing role as a key provider of education and training. This plan is intended to be a working document that is continuously reviewed and updated to meet the constantly changing needs of the community.
The master plan includes the following:
  • Albany County Campus expansion
  • construction of new buildings
  • re-use of existing buildings
  • an enhanced vehicular loop system
  • additional parking
  • more landscaping and improved pedestrian walkways

Facilities Plan

Laramie County Community College is looking to the future. To position itself for the changing needs of students and the community, the college is proposing several additions and renovations. Though the following descriptions of new or improved facilities are still in the planning stages, they describe how LCCC is building forward. See the Building Forward Facilities Plan (pdf).