Getting Started

Desire2Learn, or D2L, is LCCC's online learning management systems. The online classroom is targeted to students and instructors and provides the nuts and bolts of online classes or enhancing a traditional classroom course with online tools. All online courses at LCCC use D2L, and many traditional courses use D2L as well. 

Determine Your Online Compatibility

A lot of factors can determine whether taking online classes are a good choice for you. Some of those factors include time management, computer skills and learning style. Please take a moment to take our surveys and find out if online learning or a traditional classroom setting is better for you.

Become an LCCC Student

Before you can take online classes at LCCC, you must apply for admission and follow the steps to becoming an LCCC student.

System Setup

Prepare your computer for online classes by following the System Check information on the D2L homepage. This important step will help you keep your computer in top condition.
D2L's Getting Started information is provided to support students taking their first online course. 

Logging In

To access D2L, find the D2L link at the top of any LCCC web page, or visit it directly at

User Name and Password

User Name – This should be in the format of firstnamelastname (proper, full first name and last name, no spaces, all lower case). For example, if Mary Smith were logging into EaglesEye, she would use marysmith. However, if Mary Smith had recently married and was previously registered at LCCC as Mary Adams AND she has not turned in a request for name change with the LCCC student records office, her user name is maryadams.

If you have a common name, there already may be someone with your user name. In this case, you'll be assigned random numbers after your name. Contact the Help Desk for questions.

D2L first-time password  This is your birth date–in the format of MMDDYY. You will be prompted to change your password upon your first successful login.

If you are unable to log into D2L, please contact the Help Desk.

Finding & Preparing for My Classes

Once you are logged into D2L, you are taken to your individual homepage, which can be customized to your preferences. Please click the Getting Started link for step-by-step instructions. You may customize your D2L learning environment to send you notifications of upcoming deadlines, quizzes and grade postings either via text message or email. D2L is mobile-friendly, meaning you can access classes from your mobile, post to a discussion, check grades and more.

Questions and Technical Problems

  • All questions or problems relating to course content and activities should be directed to your online instructors. If you have other non-technical questions or comments, please e-mail
  • Technical difficulties should be directed to the LCCC Help Desk at 307.778.4357 or
Please note: All official college communications regarding your online learning classes will come to you through your EaglesEye email account. Be sure to monitor this account frequently.