Getting Started

In order to take online courses at LCCC you must first be admitted as a student. It is also recommended that you meet with an academic advisor to be sure about which online courses are right for you. Next, you will need to register for an online course.

Once you have registered for any LCCC course you will be provided with a Desire2Learn (D2L) account and login information. D2L is a learning management system (LMS) that is used at LCCC for all online courses and to supplement many face-to-face courses. The LMS is designed to allow instructors to provide materials and interact with students online.

You can begin your online learning experience at LCCC by logging in to D2L. All first time student users are required to take the D2L Student Tutorial (COMING SOON!) before starting any D2L courses. After completing the D2L Tutorial, all of your current D2L courses can be found from your main D2L homepage, which is the first page you see after you login. If you are unable to login to D2L or experience technical difficulties, please contact the ITS Help Desk.

Recommended Technologies for Online Learning

Ensure your computer meets the basic requirements for D2L. Be sure that you have a reliable Internet connection to access your online courses. An updated version of Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser for D2L, however Google Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge can also be used. Keep all of your computer software updated (Microsoft, Adobe Reader, Java etc...). Check your Syllabus for any additional software and technologies that may be required for your course. Please perform a System Check to make sure your computer meets some essential standards.

Note: Tablets and mobile devices may not work for all classes. Do not rely on these devices alone.

Student Help Widget: At the bottom of the D2L homepage for all students is a Student Resources Widget which provides links to some helpful information, resources, and tutorials.

Microsoft Office 365Microsoft Office is used for most online courses and is available to all LCCC students free of charge.