LCCC Virtual Concerts

Virtual Concert: Our Spectacular SPA

Featuring the LCCC Music Ensembles | Oct. 17, 2021

Our Spectacular SPA

Presented by the LCCC Music Department  |  October 17, 2021

Jazz Ensemble
Dr. Francis Cook, director

This Could be the Start of Something Big

Steve Allen
                    arr. Jerry Sheppard


Irving Gordon
                       arr. Roger Holmes
Raeth Tolman, vocals

If Sammy Were Here

Tim Fisher

Collegiate Chorale & Cantorei

Bethany Smith-Jacobs, director  |  Wade Holzapfel, collaborative pianist

*Il est bel et bon

Pierre Passereau

*Three a cappell Latin Settings

Traditional Latin/Jerry Estes

 I. Gloria in excelsis Deo
 II. Et in terra pax
 III. Alleluia

Like a River In My Soul 

Traditional Spanish
             arr. Tim Osiek
          ed. Dan Forrest


Traditional Haitian
                     arr. Sten Källman 
Scott Herget and Wade Holzapfel, percussion

Tabula Rasa

Don Macdonald

*The Wellerman

Traditional New Zealand
                             arr. Jacob Narverud

Chamber Orchestra

Andrew Kropp, director

“Andante: Allegro non troppo” from Symphony No. 1

Johannes Brahms
                             arr. Jeff Manookian

A Puccini Trilogy 

.Giacomo Puccini
                 arr. Cliff Colnot

II. “O mio babbino caro” from Gianni Schicchi
III. “Un bel dì vedremo” from Madama Butterfly 

Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2

Franz Liszt
                             arr. Jamin Hoffman


Wind Ensemble

Dr. Francis Cook, director

Flourish for Wind Band

Ralph Vaughan Williams

Full Tilt! 

Richard L. Saucedo

Prairie Wonder 

Nancy Williams

“Galop” from The Comedians

Dmitri Kabalevsky
                                arr. Daniel Mitchell
Arianna McKamey-Simoni, xylophone

Fanfare and Allegro 

Clifton Williams

*Denotes performance by Cantorei.


Il est bel et bon 
Il est bel et bon, commère, mon mari.
Il estoit deux femmes toutes d’ung pays.
Disanst l’une à l’aultre: avez bon mari.
Il ne me courrousse, ne me bat aussi.
Il faict le mesnaige,
Il donne aux poulailles,
Et je prens mes plaisirs.
Commère, c’est pour rire
Quand les poulailles crient:
Petite coquette (co co co co dae)e, qu’esse-cy?

He is handsome and fine, my husband is,
There were two gossiping women in the village,
Saying one to the other, do you have a good husband?
He doesn’t scold me, or beat me either,
He does the chores,
He feeds the chickens
And I take my pleasure.
Really you have to laugh
to hear the cries of the chicks and hens:
Co co co co dae, little flirt, what’s this?

Three a cappella Latin Settings
Gloria in excelsis Deo. 
Glory to God in the highest.

Et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis.
And on Earth, peace and good will to mankind.

Wangol oh w ale.
Ki lè w a vini we m anko w ale?
Peyia chanje.

King of Angola, you are leaving.
When will I see you again?
The country is changing.

Tabula Rasa
En mis brazos respira,
Vida sin limites.
Luz del día, noche oscura,
Duerme, sueña, duerme con seguridad.
Con su corazón tu alma,
Escucha y sabe esta verdad:
Dentro de ti hay futuros ilimitados si le dan la libertad,
Libertad de crecer,
Libertad de aprender,
Libertad de tocar,
Libertad de sentir,
Libertad de imaginarse,
Libertad de volar,
Libertad de adorar,
Libertad de ser amado.

In my arms, breathe,
Life without limits.
Light of day, dark night,
Sleep, dream, rest in safety.
With your heart, your soul,
Listen and know this truth:
Within you are boundless futures
If you are given freedom;
Freedom to grow,
Freedom to learn,
Freedom to touch,
Freedom to feel,
Freedom to imagine,
Freedom to fly,
Freedom to love,
Freedom to be loved.

Jazz Ensemble

Rachel MayCard
Matt Staheli
Angela Soden  
Colby Thyarks
Tim Wilcox

John Barrett
Phil Chambers

Nick Simons  
Megan Sohl
Emily Strawderman 
Raeth Tolman

Kira Martinez  
Dennis Owens

Karen Cotten

Evander Caldon

Mackenzie McKamey-Simoni
J.J. Sprosty

Collegiate Chorale

Lindsay Beckwith
Carmella Chavez-Weatherford
Ashton Davis  
Paige Guille
Ellia Millsap  
Aerii Smith
Valentina Tudor  
Kendra Tunnicliff
YahYun Young  

Raven Adams  
Dacania Lyon
Jill Millsap  
Rhielle Millsap
Cody Restivo  
Keianna Tunnicliff

Thomas Ballard  
Elijah Damey
Eric Jacobs  
Dillon Kury
Jacob Paul

Caleb Borg  
John Fritz
Shane Miller  
Jim Sparks


Lindsay Beckwith
Paige Guille
Cody Restivo
Ezras Tellalian
Raeth Tolman

Chamber Orchestra

Josiah Cvar

Violin 1:
Shelby Albright
Evan Jackson
Morgan Koenig
Makayla Kopplin
Joshua Lucas

Violin 2:
Rita Barry
Alexander Huband-Mckenzie
Devon Louderback
Shonda Russell

Leah Fisk

Tanner Dallinger
Lorene Nelson
Stephen Quigley
Keegan Tunnicliff
Keianna Tunnicliff

Kyle Eveleth
Owen Stevenson

Kendra Tunnicliff

Wind Ensemble

Amy Gunn  
Rosemarie Harding
Casey Knobloch
Lucy Russell
Beth Staten
Leon Rebekah Sweet

Abby Rowswell

Ben Bowman  
Wendy Crowe
Brenda Lyttle  
Starfire MayCard
Lindsey Rittmueller
Ryan Schuman
Tim Wilcox

Bass Clarinet:  
Linda Sole

Becky Mathisen

Gary Dahmke  
Davin Gomez 
Tec Morning Star
Megan Rinehart
Angela Soden  
Matt Staheli
Colby Thyarks

Joseph Bainbridge
John Barrett
Kathleen Cook  
Angie Parks
Ron Swim

Cody Loveland  
Cindy Schmid

Ernie Eason  
Stefanie Edwards
Mary Guthrie  
Neil McKay
Nick Simons

Beverly Ambrose

Steven Miller  
Bil Milligan
Douglas Parks
Jim Sparks

Raymond Gomez
Scott Herget
Arianna McKamey-Simoni