Zachary Buchner


LCCC Virtual Art Gallery  | October 19-30, 2020

This is Painting’s language – Adaption.  

For Buchner, the works in this exhibition speak to the ongoing and complicated relationship Painting has to its own medium and to the ends that artists have gone to in order to expand its accepted forms. Exploring the material possibilities and the ever-expanding field of Painting has been at the root of artist’s practice for the past two decades. 

Pulling from a vast collection of images, Zachary assembled a series of complex relationships between his work and the worlds they collide with. Here he utilizes found images, which are then stretched and manipulated to fit, distort or complicated the works that obscure them. Buchner links physical works with digital images, joining the subject of the image with the shape, color and title of the individual works - the pairings are not always clear.

Buchner is interested in mining a social landscape built on connectivity and isolation in an attempt to better define and understand the contingencies of contemporary experience and space. In this case, he inserts references to high modernism, natural disasters, climate change, urban sprawl, mass information and surveillance as the backdrops to the work in Adaption

These images, together with the artist’s use and fascination with plastics, speaks to the constant and malleable way he views the history of Painting and its connection to our contemporary moment. The systems at play in this exhibition are both nurturing and damaging, reflective and absorbing, inputting and outputting all at once.  For Buchner the work in Adaption questions how far can this dispersion and connectivity stretch?

Painting has continued to survive by is ability to modify and morph – it continues to adapt – will we?