Associate of Arts

This program is intended for students interested in studying Spanish with the intent of earning an Associate of Arts degree or transferring to a four-year university for a Bachelor of Arts degree. A Spanish degree empowers students to understand, speak, read, and write Spanish and gain a broad understanding of the Hispanic civilization and culture in the world and within the United States.

Education Concentration or Liberal Arts Concentration

Laramie County Community College Spanish Program offers two paths for obtaining an Associate of Arts degree: Spanish - Liberal Arts and Spanish - Education. Both of these concentrations are intended for those majoring in Spanish at a four-year institution. Double majoring with Spanish is recommended for many careers. Consult your academic advisor for further information.

This pathway allows students to complete an Associate of Arts degree in Spanish with an emphasis in liberal arts, allowing students to further pursue a bachelor's degree in a liberal arts field or increase their employability by becoming bilingual. Students who complete Spanish broaden their career opportunities in many different fields such as travel, broadcasting, translating, law enforcement, nursing, international business, public relations, diplomacy, FBI, CIA, advertising, management, government, public relations, social service, and many others.

  • Do you like to work with people of other cultures?
  • Are you interested in working in service orientated career fields?
  • Are you interested in teaching?
  • Do you like to learn about other cultures and perspectives?
  • Are you interested in studying abroad in a location where Spanish is the native language?
  • Do you like to travel?
  • Would you like to increase your job opportunities and compensation?

Recommended Credentials: (Certificate (C), Credit Diploma (CD), Associate (AA), Bachelors (BA), and Beyond)

  • Airline Services
  • Business Executive (B or Beyond)
  • Booking and Reservations
  • Civil Service
  • Computer Services
  • Counseling (Beyond)
  • Customer Services
  • Customs (A, B or Beyond)
  • Diplomacy (B or Beyond)
  • Director of a Non-profit (B or Beyond)
  • Engineering/Technical (Beyond)
  • Foreign Language Teachers, Post secondary (Beyond)
  • Foreign Service (B or Beyond)
  • Health Services (B or Beyond)
  • Immigration/Naturalization (A, B or Beyond)
  • Intelligence (B or Beyond)
  • Interpreters and Translators (B or Beyond)
  • International Student Services (B or Beyond)
  • Journalism/Broadcasting (A or B)
  • Language Analysis (B or Beyond)
  • Law (Beyond)
  • Law Enforcement (C, A, B)
  • Library Science (Beyond)
  • Linguistics (B or Beyond)
  • Logistics and Transportation (C, A, or B)
  • Management
  • Manufacturing (C, A, B)
  • Middle School Teachers (B or Beyond)
  • Public Relations (B or Beyond)
  • Research (B or Beyond)
  • Sales
  • Secondary School Teachers (B or Beyond)
  • Security and Protection (CD or A)
  • Student Affairs (B or Beyond)
  • Study Abroad Programs (B or Beyond)
  • Travel Services/Guidance
  • Tutors
  • Web Designer (C, A, or B)
  • Airports
  • Banks
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Financial Management
  • Government Agencies
  • (local, state, and federal)
  • Healthcare
  • International Companies
  • K-12 Schools
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Retail Stores
  • Social Work

(For more salary information go to

Occupation Median Salary U.S. Yearly Median Salary Wyoming Yearly Employment change,
2016-2026, Percentage
Interpreters and Translators (Bachelor Degree) $46,120 $45,352 16.7
Secondary School Teachers (Bachelor Degree) $55,800 $52,215 7.5
Social and Community Service Managers (Bachelor Degree) $64,680 $61,530 15.7
Customer Service Representatives $32,300 $30,297 4.9
Public Relations and Fundraising Managers $107,320 $93,952 10.4


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Transfer Agreement with Four-Year Institution: Program Articulation

LCCC has partnered with a four-year institution to articulate a way for students to transfer earned credits. This articulation is a formal agreement between LCCC and the institution. This agreement matches up coursework to make the transfer process smooth and to eliminate any duplication of courses. Any deviations from the prescribed course list will not articulate.

Cost of Attendance

For general college expense, students can view LCCC’s tuition and fees Web page. Students in this program do not typically incur additional expenses.

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Credit by Exam

Credit for many courses offered by LCCC may be earned through two different types of exams: CLEP tests or departmental challenge exams. If you would like to earn credit for a class by exam, please contact us to determine if that possibility exists.