Apply to the Echocardiography Program

The Echocardiography Online Application is available Jan. 15, 2023 - Feb. 15, 2023.

All Pass or Satisfactory grades earned in Spring 2020 (using a Pass/Fail or Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grade scale) will still be considered for admission to the program. Each course affected will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and will still be subject to Laramie County Community College's Transfer Grade policies. If you have questions, please contact the Program Director or Advisor for the program.

COVID-19 Statement:

Due to the rise in COVID-19 cases and for the safety of healthcare students and employees, many medical facilities, along with federal policies, are mandating the COVID-19 vaccination, with limited exemptions available for students and employees. Because all clinical hours and/or clinical competencies must be completed to meet program requirements, this means you may be required to receive the COVID-19 vaccination or have an approved exemption on file to enter and/or progress in the Sonography program. For additional information regarding these requirements, please see the Health Sciences and Wellness COVID-19 Policy, page 6.

Application Process 

Apply to Laramie County Community College prior to applying to the Echocardiography Program.  All applicants must apply to LCCC for admission to access the echocardiography application. The LCCC admissions process will take about 5 minutes and is free. This must be completed prior to the program application; you will need to use your LCCC student ID to complete the application. Students must provide an official copy of all past college transcripts to the LCCC Admissions office. A photocopy of all past college transcripts must also be sent to the LCCC DMS program director.

Completion of, or in the process of completion, all required prerequisites as outlined in the program application and the college catalog corresponding to the year in which the student plans to enter. All must be completed or in progress with a grade of “C” or better by the application deadline. All applicants must have a prerequisite GPA of 3.0 or higher to be eligible for the program. For the Echocardiography Certification, a GPA of .5 or higher is required for eligibility. 

Program Prerequisites:

ZOO 2015 Human Anatomy*  or  ZOO 2010 Anatomy and Physiology I* (4 credits)

ZOO 2025 Human Physiologyor  ZOO 2020 Anatomy and Physiology II* (4 credits)

MATH 1400 College Algebra (3-4 credits)

ENGL 1010 English I: Composition (3 credits)

PHYS 1050 Concepts of Physics (4 credits)

CO/M 2010 Public Speaking (3 credits)

HLTK 1200 Medical Terminology (2 credits)

*Students with ARDMS or ARRT(R) choosing to enter the Echocardiography program are eligible to have some or all of the prerequisites waived, but may apply to the program while enrolled or completing any additional prerequisites. Students must specify which prerequisites they are in progress during time of application by indicating this as an ‘I’ on the echocardiography program application. 

Supplemental Courses: Supplemental courses may be taken to improve a students application score include any completion of Certified Nurse Assistant, Medical Assistant, Licensed Practical Nurse, Emergency Medical Technician, or a minimum of one year of health training.  Students may also improve their application score by successfully completing:

US/Wyoming Constitution Course

HLTK 2300 Healthcare Ethics

HLTK 2510 Pathophysiology

PSYC 1000 General Psychology

To assist the applicant in preparation for applying to the echocardiography program, a student must observe in a department of Sonography/Echocardiography for a total of 8 - 16 hours.

If applying to both Sonography and Echocardiography, a student must complete 8 - 16 hours of observation in each area.

We feel the prospective student will have a better understanding of the type of work that an sonographer does by attending this optional observation period.

Following the observation, please have the observed sonographer complete the online Sonography/Echocardiography Optional Observation Form:

The following forms need to be completed and attached at the time of online application, Jan. 15 through Feb. 15. The forms will be active and accessible beginning Jan 15.

Apply to Laramie County Community College prior to applying to the Echocardiography program. It takes about 5 minutes and is free. This must be completed prior to the application; you will need to use your LCCC student ID to complete the application.

Online applications will not save - please have all forms and the Personal Statement ready when you apply. The Echocardiography online application will be available beginning Jan. 15, 2024. Please include all the required forms and the Personal Statement to be considered.

Echocardiography Online Application

Acceptance is based on points. Score sheet will be available at the end of April.

Successful applicants will be notified of their conditional acceptance by late February via email. Note: As applications for financial aid are due Apr. 1, eligible applicants for aid should apply by Apr. 1 rather than waiting until notification of acceptance.

After conditional acceptance to the Echocardiography Program, proof of the following additional requirements must be submitted to the Echocardiography Program by the dates stipulated in the acceptance letter. Failure to meet all requirements may result in forfeiting your seat:

  • A completed physical examination form including verification of current vaccinations and titers (Hepatitis B, Rubella, Rubeola, PPD, Diphtheria-Tetanus, Varicella). To help expedite your terms for acceptance, complete the physical examination and verification of vaccinations and titers ASAP. Medical Screening with Vaccination Requirements.
  • Acceptable drug screening and criminal background checks.

At their discretion, clinical sites may require a drug screening and/or criminal background check prior to allowing students into the clinical setting. (If required, any associated fees will be the responsibility of the student.) In addition, clinical sites may require random drug testing and/or drug testing for reasonable cause. Generally, the urine drug test screens for illegal drugs or drugs that impair judgment while in the clinical agency. Testing positive on the screening, or evidence of tampering with a specimen, will disqualify a student from participating in the clinical assignment or acceptance to the Sonography program. In addition to drug screening, for the safety of patients and health care workers, child abuse clearance and criminal background checks are required by some agencies prior to a clinical assignment. Certain criminal activity, as evidenced by a criminal background check, may also disqualify a student from clinical participation or acceptance to the Sonography Program. Students are advised that the inability to gain clinical education experiences can result in the inability to meet program objectives and outcomes. These circumstances may prevent final acceptance into and/or progression through the program, and may ultimately result in dismissal from the program.