Spanish in the Workplace Program

receptionist and lady talking in a healthcare facility

Almost half of the incoming population in Wyoming is Spanish-speaking. It’s critical that businesses and those providing services are able to communicate with all of the state’s residents. The Spanish in the Workplace Program is a one-year intensive curriculum designed to teach workplace conversation and cultural norms to increase understanding and inclusivity. This program may be beneficial for those in education, healthcare, law enforcement, social work and other areas.

What will I learn?

Students will learn to communicate at a basic to intermediate level with command forms and inquiry that gathers work-related information. This is beneficial when conducting short interviews with clients, completing intake forms or communicating imperative information, which may require a client or worker to follow directions.

The four courses in this program are available in the evenings and online to accommodate full-time work schedules.

Credit Diploma

This two-semester program emphasizes skills in reading, writing, listening comprehension and oral proficiency in Spanish related to the workplace. It is intended to enhance the abilities of those already working in business and service industries to better serve the state's entire population.

Available at the Cheyenne main campus and online.

What can I do with this degree?

This credit diploma compliments education and work experience in many areas. It can increase current salary or make job applicants more marketable for areas such as education, healthcare, law enforcement, social work, customer service and more.

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  • Spanish in the Workplace
  • Spanish in the Workplace
  • Spanish in the Workplace
  • Spanish in the Workplace
  • Spanish in the Workplace
  • Spanish in the Workplace

Cost of Attendance

For general college expenses, students should view LCCC’s cost of attendance. Students in this program do not typically incur additional expenses.