Parking pains? Shoot for the shuttle!

Happy April Fools' Day!

Those taking their steps toward a degree will save some energy by taking fewer steps in the parking lot.

Laramie County Community College is proud to announce the creation of a new shuttle system to help alleviate the stress and aggravation of having to park your car and walk numerous steps into a building on campus.

“It’s not my fault when I’m late,” said a student who asked not to be named. “Sometimes I have to park near the end of a row. By the time I turn off my car, open the door, get out, close it, and lock it, I’m already 20 minutes late for class. Now add in the time it takes to walk! By then, it’s just easier to go get a frappuccino.”

LCCC President Joe Schaffer and his cabinet issued a tiered survey to students, current staff, alumni, faculty, family, people who had heard of the college, and others who remember driving down College Drive at one time. The results were clear: no one enjoyed walking all the way from the parking lot to a campus building.

“Do you know how freakin’ windy it gets here?” said nine-year old Logan, a frequent visitor to campus and son of LCCC Public Relations Director Ty Stockton. “Some days I won’t even get out of the car. It makes my dad furious, but please!”

Available to students and employees, the shuttle will be located at the very far north end of the parking lot. Although people will have to walk from their cars to the shuttle, it should ultimately minimize the number of strides that have to be taken.

Other ideas were also evaluated (including piggy-back rides provided by actual pigs). At one point, it was suggested that students be required to complete a multi-part questionnaire before being granted access to the shuttle.

“Why do you need to know how many people I’ve had breakfast with in the past six months?” asked Bree, a sophomore. “All I want to do is ride the shuttle.”

LCCC hopes to implement a task force to oversee the operations of the shuttle service, and another committee to oversee the task force. A student group will have the ability to help with decision making on that committee, and selected personnel from the administration will assess the students who monitor the committee that oversees the force.

While a start date is anticipated for fall, those taking summer classes or working here during those months will still be relegated to the role of “walkers.” It is possible that the college could provide a terminus in the meantime, but no one seems to know what they would find when they got there.

So take some time this fall to quit walking so much. The LCCC shuttle experience: it stops here.