Local artist Greg Flores featured in new book

Greg Flores, the creative coordinator with Laramie County Community College’s Public Relations Department, is now a nationally published artist.

His work appears in the new book, “1000 Dog Portraits: From the People Who Love Them” by Robynne Raye.
Greg Flores artwork


The book came to be during a lawsuit over dog illustrations taken from a separate publication, when one attorney mentioned to the author that there were only a limited number of ways to draw a beagle. Finding the statement ridiculous, Raye then put out a worldwide call for submissions to the book.

“I’m not only surprised, I’m elated at the outcome,” Flores said. Ten of his submissions were accepted for inclusion in the book.

Although thousands of drawings and paintings of various dogs were submitted, only about 400 artists were featured. Just a tiny fraction of those, including Flores, were featured more than once.

Flores actually started drawing dogs on accident. While sketching a dog for a co-worker, his boss was so impressed that she asked if he would draw her a dog portrait as well. Before long, word had spread about his gifts. Now he does drawings for people across the country.

In her author notes, Raye says that the collection “inspires and reminds you why we collectively love dogs and why sometimes a painting or drawing speaks so much louder than a photograph or what is left in our memory.”
The book is available for purchase online and through retailers.