Artist Florence McEwin - Painting Exhibition: Why Pigs Fly - Oct. 24 - Nov. 18

Mixed media artwork by Florence McEwinVisitors are invited to view Artist Florence McEwin's Painting Exhibition: Why Pigs Fly from Oct. 24 to Nov. 18 in LCCC's Esther & John Clay Fine Arts Gallery. 

An artist reception will be held at noon on Thursday, Nov. 17, in the Esther & John Clay Fine Arts Gallery.

Artist's Statement: In my revisionist works of Red Riding Hood, the real, the interpreted and the imagined find their way as mixed metaphors, re-examining and reinventing content into an original form. These works envision life after Red Riding Hood and the Wolf have become involved, considering male, female tensions with a twist of feminine empowerment. I approach these prints in a manner that is conscious of the materials and the applications. They are photo intaglios, with chine collés of found, digitally printed or cut applications of paper. They're printed as monoprints or very small variable editions, so each print within the edition is very different. In this making, I re-contextualize my pleasures of childhood play – paper dolls, books and puzzles. Ephemera of magazine imagery and story books are processed through the imagination and manipulated, embedding the prints with visual innuendos referencing memory, rhymes and jump rope songs. I approach all with a very serious devotion to the purity of play and a love of paper.

Artwork: The Cleaning Game, 2016, by Florence McEwin
American Gas Association PR, life Magazine April 24, 1944; photo intaglio, chine colle of found, cut, painted digitally altered and printed papers