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The mission of Laramie County Community College is to transform our students' lives through the power of inspired learning.

  • Introduction


    Learn how the mission, vision and values factored into the strategic plan

  • Mission Statement

    The Mission of Laramie County Community College is to transform our students’ lives through the power of inspired learning.

    We are all bound by a basic understanding that our students, regardless of how they arrive at LCCC, yearn for a better life by engaging in the process of acquiring knowledge. Thus, we are compelled to aid this transformation by offering diverse educational experiences designed to be inspirational for all those involved in the learning process. While we recognize our work is diverse, the entirety of the work we do is grounded in the four foundational elements of the comprehensive community college mission:

    1. To prepare people to succeed academically in college-level learning (academic preparation)
    2. To engage our students in learning activities that will prepare and advance them through the pursuit of a baccalaureate degree (transfer preparation)
    3. To develop individuals to enter or advance in productive, life-fulfilling occupations and professions (workforce development)
    4. To enrich the communities we serve through activities that stimulate and sustain a healthy society and economy (community development)
  • Vision: The big goal

    Our over-arching goal is that our accomplishments as a community college will distinguish LCCC from others in the nation, in turn benefiting our communities and bringing pride to the Great State of Wyoming.

  • Vision: Statement

    In the future we are individuals united for a single purpose - to transform our students’ lives. Our nationally recognized, entrepreneurial, and innovative programs and services help students become the most sought after individuals. We develop world-class instructors. We are relentless in the use of evidence to make decisions that responsibly and efficiently allocate resources, drive instruction, and create an environment of adaptability and productivity. Every individual has the freedom to innovate and take informed risks based on promising practices and creative ideas. We fail fast, and learn from that failure as much as from our success. Clear academic pathways, high-touch services, and engaged employees are the bedrock of our students’ success. We drive collaboration throughout the community to ensure the success of all students who come to LCCC. We are changing the world of higher education facing seemingly impossible challenges head on.

  • Core Values

    We believe these values are inherent in the cultural fabric of the College and could not be extracted in any way.

    1. Passion – Our institution is wholly dedicated to engaging in our work, sharing our beliefs, and debating the merits of any course of action as we strive to transform our students’ lives through inspired learning.
    2. Authenticity – True to our Western heritage, we are genuine to a fault, without pretense, and steadfast in our dedication in delivering on a promise, product, or need.
    3. Desire to Make a Difference – We engage in and pursue our goals for the opportunity to create better lives, better communities, and a better world for those who are here today and the generations that follow.
  • Aspirational Values

    We readily admit to a mismatch between our desire for these values and their existence at the College. However, our strong desire for these values will shape the actions we take to ensure the universal presence of these values at LCCC into the future.

    1. Commitment to Quality – Quality is found at the intersection of hard work and high standards being met consistently. We are committed to promoting a culture of evidence that compels us to continuously strive for greater competence and productivity while always seeking to transform students’ lives through inspired learning.
    2. Entrepreneurship – In an uncertain era, endless opportunities await those institutions willing to take risks. Grabbing these opportunities requires informed risk-taking and innovation fostered in a safe, yet demanding environment.
    3. Tolerance – As an institution, we must engage in wide-ranging, open-minded discourse with civility and objectivity grounded in what is best for our students as well as ourselves.
  • PDF Version

    People can download and view a PDF version of LCCC's Strategic Plan.