Sebastian Houston

Sebastian Houston

Sebastian Houston has a hard time calling anywhere home since he's moved more than 23 times in his 20 years. He and his five siblings were just along for the ride as his mother bounced from job to job. A stop in Burns, Wyo., brought Sebastian to the Cowboy State where he graduated from high school.

With no binds to any one location, why did Sebastian come to LCCC?

"The main reason originally ... it was because of a girl. We had a thing, so I decided to come to L-trip for it."

While the relationship with her "crashed," his love for LCCC grew and just made financial sense.

"It's cheaper to go to college here. You're way more independent on campus. College has a lot more diversity. I like the people here."

Love – whether it be for a girl or for a school – doesn't pay the way. The cost of college was a big concern for Sebastian with his goals of double majoring in criminal justice and social work.

"I wasn't sure how much money I'd get from financial aid. I was expecting to have to take out loans and at least work one of my jobs full-time. Then my financial aid package showed that I got a full Pell Grant, which covered pretty much all of it—tuition, fees, books, room and board. My mom's a teacher, and she was expecting to have to take out loans for me. I'm the first kid that she didn't have to do that for. It made it so I didn't have to work at all during the school year, and I could just focus on classes and the actual college experience."

Taking full advantage of that experience, Sebastian has joined several campus groups including being a member of the Associated Student Government, and a managing the men's soccer team.

"Without needing a job, I have the time to get involved and make connections on campus. It created new opportunities."