Jordan Conner

Jordan Conner

You can live the dream, much like Jordan Conner a nursing graduate who came from Colorado to be an LCCC Golden Eagle. She always knew she wanted to go to nursing school, but the long wait in Colorado pushed her to look beyond her borders.

"I didn't want to wait, and Colorado had a four-year waitlist to get into nursing school after you finished your prerequisites. The draw to LCCC was after the prereqs there, with good grades, I got in the program the first time I applied."

Jordan didn't want to go straight to a four-year university because she could save money by going to a two-year college first. After a campus tour at LCCC, she was hooked.

"Everybody is just super nice there. It felt like home, and I knew this was where I was supposed to be. I had a really close-knit group of friends from the dorms and my nursing class."

In two and a half years' time, Jordan completed her nursing degree and was eager to get to work and anticipated that would all happen back in Colorado.

"I moved back to Colorado, and I thought I would never come back to Wyoming, but never say never."

Four months after receiving her associate degree from LCCC, Jordan landed a job as a nurse at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. Just one year later, she found success as an ER nurse, the career she'd always wanted.

"My parents always said that if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life. That's what nursing is to me."


"The sky's the limit really. At LCCC, you get more than just an education. You gain friends and family for life."