Jake Thomas

 Jake Thomas

Coming from out of town or wanting a change of scenery? Living on campus gives you a community to engage with and keeps you connected to all the happenings at LCCC.

"The experiences that you have in college are amazing. I think it's more than getting your degree; it's about the time while you're here."

Jake Thomas came to LCCC from Scottsbluff, Nebraska, in his first venture away from home. He enjoys the res hall activities, the ease of getting to classes and other campus events, the meal plan in the dining room (when he's not cooking ramen in his room), and the quiet spaces to study.

"LCCC has changed me as a person."

That change didn't happen overnight. It took time to get integrated with the college scene and navigate friendships to find positive influences. In Jake's first semester, he found himself enjoying his freedom too much and lost focus.

"It was my first time away from home and like many college students, it was my first time having complete freedom. We all need to make mistakes in order to learn from them. Luckily I had support from my friends and was able to get through."

Jake is a proud RA (resident assistant) now and excited to help guide students to have a fun, positive and successful experience while living at LCCC.

"It's good to get out of your comfort zone. It helps you grow as a person. LCCC has been pretty great for me."