Hunter Petsch

Hunter Petsch 

When Hunter Petsch decided to come to LCCC, she knew she'd be coming without any friends. Growing up on a farm and ranch in Meriden, Wyoming, she had set her career path on agriculture law. LCCC, Casper College, and the University of Wyoming were the top schools she considered, but the ag business program at LCCC stood out.

"Toward the end of my senior year, it was the obvious choice to attend LCCC."

The anxiety of coming here alone quickly diminished as she discovered how easy it was to connect with instructors and make new friends.

"With small classes, the faculty get to know you and want to help you succeed. It's also easy to connect with other students and form study groups. When you go to college, you find groups of people that have the same interests as you. You connect at a completely different level and make lifelong friends."

When Hunter felt the struggle of higher education weighing down on her, the LCCC community was there to help her through it. College level math stresses out many students, and Hunter was no exception.

"Once I thought I wasn't going to be able to get through calculous, but ended up with an 86 percent in the class. Thanks to my instructor who took the time to explain every single thing during her office hours."

"It's the best decision I've made. I was able to be successful in school, make new friends."