Elizabeth Daly

Elizabeth Daly 

We just may be that first stop on your path to success.

We're a two-year college that wants to help you with your four-year degree plan. Elizabeth Daly always knew she wanted to be a performer but was uncertain of how to reach that goal.

"I wasn't entirely sure what I was going to do. For my own personal journey, I needed a community college like LCCC before I went to the University of Wyoming."

The smaller class sizes at LCCC helped Elizabeth ease into a classroom setting since she had been homeschooled all her life and hadn't had that experience before.

"I was pretty scared to go to college, and remember being terrified in my first class, but the teacher was super welcoming and encouraging and I was like, oh wow, this is nice and I was kinda hooked."

She completed her general arts degree from LCCC and is now well on her way through the dance performance program at UW.

"I was able to experience that ease of transition to UW. Everything transferred, and I didn't have to retake anything that I had taken at LCCC."

To ensure you have a similar transfer experience, one key thing is to plan ahead and communicate your plans so the college can help you have a smooth journey to your next destination.

"Have conversations upfront right away with your academic advisor to let them know you eventually want to transfer to a university so that way you and your advisor can start looking at your next option after LCCC. College is all about the experience and finding yourself, so just go for it!"