Cody Phipps

Cody Phipps 

We have flexible classes to fit your life.

After a rough start at a university, Cody Phipps found his way from Washington to LCCC to study business and finance.

"LCCC helped me narrow down my interests and find the degree program that I could find success in and see myself doing for the future."

Here, he created the class schedule he needed to get back on track through the Albany County Campus in Laramie and with online courses.

"I always succeeded in high school, but once I got to college, it was kind of a slap in the face. I was pretty much working full-time and couldn't balance my schedules. I was days away from quitting school, but LCCC saved my college career. I could take multiple classes after 5 p.m., and online options allowed me to be back in Washington when I needed to be, taking classes remotely. LCCC helped me build the confidence to complete my degree."

He gives credit to all the instructors he encountered at LCCC and the ability to connect with them even with his nontraditional schedule.

"Andy McKamey was probably the best teacher I've ever had. He was really helpful and was someone with real-life experience who could guide you through how the career path was going to be and how to be successful. That got me motivated in school again and got my confidence back."

Now Cody is off to the University of Wyoming to finish his bachelor's degree with his confidence intact.