For Students

Some internships listings are available online once you create an account. Please contact us to learn about other opportunities.

How to Apply

  • Be a registered LCCC student. Carolin Nestroy - Accounting intern working at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center
  • Check with your advisor to see if you have room in your program of study for an internship.
  • Update your résumé. If you haven’t written a résumé yet, we can help.
  • Ask an instructor in your field of study to sponsor you.
  • Think about what you would like to accomplish in your proposed internship.
  • Contact the LCCC internship coordinator for an interview.
  • Once you are matched with a company, you’ll fill out the appropriate paperwork before you begin your internship.

Types of Jobs (what our interns have done)

• designed webpage graphics • helped write news releases
• updated information on webpages • designed advertising copy
• written public service announcements • taken X-rays • worked on brochures
• developed spreadsheets • tracked financial information • performed general accounting tasks
• helped develop marketing campaigns • set up trade booths • taken publicity photos
• read announcements on live radio

How It Works

Athena Bevans is a Career Pathways intern working here on campus in Workforce and Community Development

  • Internships are highly flexible and designed to meet your needs and those of our business partner: you design your own course objectives in partnership with your instructor and your workplace supervisor.
  • In most cases, you will work for 9 to 15 weeks. Internships during summer, fall, or spring can be arranged.
  • You submit periodic work reports and a final summary report to your sponsoring LCCC instructor. Your supervisor will be asked to sign off on these reports.
  • You are expected to maintain confidentiality on proprietary aspects of the job and, of course, to follow company regulations.
  • You will be paid a fair wage for the work you perform as an intern. In addition, your instructor and academic advisor will work with you to determine how many units and in which area you will receive academic credit.

Why Intern?

  • You can benefit from an internship with a company of any size. You will be given challenging, varied assignments related to your field of study and have the opportunity to enhance your professional skills.
  • Working as an intern gives you the opportunity to evaluate a potential occupation, meet other staff members and, perhaps, establish a relationship with a personal mentor.
  • You may be well versed in fact, theory, and laboratory techniques, but the experience of an internship can show you how to apply your classroom learning to the real projects and challenges of business and industry.
  • Internships are one of the very best ways the college can partner with business and industry to ensure that graduates are prepared to meet business and industry needs. You, in turn, get to learn firsthand about exciting careers.


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