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Why Sponsor an Intern?

Kayla Jansen is a Business Administration intern working for Swire Coca-Cola
  • Companies of any size can benefit from sponsoring an intern. Student interns can give your employees an extra hand to complete a special project or fill in for vacationing employees in a variety of departments.
  • Hiring an intern gives you the opportunity to evaluate a potential employee. If you like the student, you’ll have time to promote your company and reduce your recruiting costs.
  • Students may be well versed in fact, theory, and laboratory techniques, but only the experience of an internship can show them how to apply their classroom learning to the real projects and challenges of business and industry.
  • Internships are one of the very best ways the college can partner with business and industry to ensure that graduates are prepared to meet business and industry needs. Students, in turn, get to learn firsthand about exciting careers.

How an Internship Works

  • Internships are highly flexible and designed to meet your needs and those of the student.
  • In most cases, the student intern works under your supervision for 9 to 15 weeks. Internships during summer, fall, or spring can be arranged.
  • Students are assigned a Laramie County Community College advisor, to whom they submit periodic work reports and a final summary report. You will be asked to sign off on these reports to ensure the student is not sending us proprietary information by mistake.
  • The student is expected to maintain confidentiality on proprietary aspects of the job and, of course, to follow company regulations.
  • You will be asked to pay interns a fair wage for the work they perform. In addition, they receive academic credit.

Tasks Interns Complete

designed webpage graphics • helped write news releases • updated information on web pages
• designed advertising copy • written public service announcements
• taken X-rays • worked on brochures • developed spreadsheets
• tracked financial information • performed general accounting tasks
• helped develop marketing campaigns • set up trade booths • taken publicity photos
• read announcements on live radio

How You Select an Intern

Send us the details of your proposed internship, and we will post it. Students apply directly to your company. You select the student who best fits your needs. Once you have settled on a student for your internship, you fill out a one-page internship training agreement.
Résumés featuring students looking for internships or long-term employment are available.

Recent Sponsors

  • APW Wyott Foodservice Equipment Company
  • Cheyenne Police Department
  • Cheyenne Regional Medical Center
  • KKFN-AM Radio
  • Mountain Regional Services, Inc.
  • Swire Coca-Cola, USA
  • Wyoming Business Council

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