LCCC Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Employee FAQ

Employees are encouraged to review the Spring 2021 Phase II R2B Plan for complete guidance. Employees, students and guests will be required to wear a face mask/covering when on campus and social distancing is not possible. All individuals on campus will also be asked to practice social distancing of 6 ft., not share personal or office supplies, and practice good hygiene (hand washing, etc.). If an employee did not complete the Phase II training, this will need to be completed and  provided to the LCCC Human Resources office and is available in the Return to Business (R2B) app in myLCCC.

All employees, students and guests will be required to complete a self-screening when they arrive on campus, each day. Signs are posted at all entrances to campus buildings providing a QR code and web address to access the questionnaire. Employees and students can also access the screening questions through the Eagle Health Screening app in myLCCC.

The daily health screening is only to acknowledge new or worsening medical conditions. In this situation, you should only report if the symptom(s) is worse than normal for you.
LCCC understands that these are difficult conversations to have and we appreciate that you want to help create a safe environment for everyone on campus. First, we ask that you approach these conversations with an understanding that we all are adjusting to this new campus environment and we are all likely to make mistakes. Employees are encouraged to participate in the COVID Conversation Training which is available in the Return to Business (R2B) app in myLCCC.
LCCC is working with healthcare providers to provide no-cost testing options for both employees and students.  At present, County Health is doing free testing 5 days per week and has been working closely with LCCC.  These options may change as funding becomes available.  LCCC is committed to ensuring that students and employees have a no cost option.  Please contact HR for the most current information.
A few factors will drive this decision, we will be monitoring our student and employee populations and watching for any significant surges in active and positive cases. We will also monitor the ability of our local healthcare facilities to provide treatment and care to those diagnosed with COVID-19.
Employees that feel they need an accommodation to be on campus, should contact the LCCC Human Resources Office to discuss available resources.

As part of the Spring 2021 Phase II plans, all areas at LCCC have submitted operational plans outlining how they will meet the needs of both internal and external stakeholders. These plans are available for review in the Return to Business (R2B) app in myLCCC. These plans may look different from area to area due to staffing and general operations. Employees may work entirely on campus, entirely remote or a combination of remote and on-campus, these schedules will be determined by supervisors and area needs.

If you need to self-quarantine, are diagnosed with COVID-19 or have a first-degree relation that is diagnosed with the virus, please notify Human Resources. If you are still able to work from home, you will not be required to take any leave. If you are not able to complete any work from home, you will be required to take sick leave, personal leave, or vacation leave. If taking leave as a result of the virus, notify Melissa Dishman in HR to obtain COVID-19 sick leave approval. Employees are encouraged to review the COVID-19 Response Scenarios that are provided in the Phase II plan.

LCCC will help employees without leave who are directly impacted by Covid-19 (need to self-quarantine, are diagnosed with Covid-19 or have a first-degree relation that is diagnosed with the virus) and unable to work as defined in Procedure 6.6.1P. Full time employees can contact HR for COVID-19 sick leave approval or for assistance accessing donated leave. Prior to utilizing donated leave, employees must use all current leave (sick, vacation, personal). Part-Time employees should contact HR for what resources may be available.

Please contact Melissa Dishman, in Human Resources for your options for leave.  There will be instances where you may want to use a combination of paid leave and FMLA protected leave depending on your circumstance and the length of time you will be out.

Events that meet the guidance of state and local health officials will be considered on a case-by-case basis. All requests should be coordinated through your Cabinet representative. For off campus groups, all requests should be coordinated through your LCCC Contact.

Please use the Care Team or talk with James Miller, Dean of Students directly to evaluate how we can assist these students during this time. There are emergency funds available to assist students through a review process. 

Wyoming residents can apply for unemployment by visiting the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services webpage to find all available resources and information.

If you are a resident of another state, you will need to contact your state’s Unemployment Insurance Division for assistance.