LCCC Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Employee FAQ

As part of the Phase II plans, all areas at LCCC will submit operational plans outlining how they will meet the needs of both internal and external stakeholders. These plans may look different from area to area due to staffing and general operations. Employees may work entirely on campus, entirely remote or a combination of remote and on-campus, these schedules will be determined by supervisors and area needs. 

To protect our students and employees, LCCC has suspended the physical operations at all of our locations. We will be offering virtual services. For a full list of employees, please visit the employee directory.

Effective Monday, June 1, the following are in effect at LCCC:

  • The Dental Clinic will be closed through Aug. 14.
  • The Children’s Discovery Center (CDC) will be closed through Aug. 14.
  • The Ludden Library and Learning Commons will be closed. Virtual services will be provided.
  • The Recreation and Athletics Complex (RAC) will be closed through Aug. 14.
  • LCCC is suspending all upcoming campus tours until further notice.
  • Events (including life enrichment) that adhere to the guidelines of state and local health orders, will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Yes – the main campus in Cheyenne, the Albany County Campus, the WAFB Outreach Center, and the Eastern Laramie County Outreach Center will follow the same protocol as it relates to students, closures, access, and all other aspects related to the Covid-19 situation. LCCC campuses will operate in a virtual environment, through Aug. 14.

The LCCC Human Resources office has provided detailed guidance on compensation and working remotely for part time employees, please view these resources on the HR Virtual Office

Yes, there are two options for employees to access campus during Phase I of LCCC’s R2B Plan. In all cases employees will be asked to review the self-health screening questions and use the check-in/out app when arriving and departing from campus. This app is available in myLCCC or via the QR code posted at building access points.

  1. Employees needing to access campus on an ad-hoc basis will need to have approval from their Cabinet representative, prior to coming on campus.
  2. Functional areas can submit a reopening plan or exception request plan for consideration and approval. This plan is for functional areas requesting on-going access or time-bound access to campus for essential operations. The request form is available in myLCCC via the R2B app. 

If you need to self-quarantine, are diagnosed with Covid-19 or have a first-degree relation that is diagnosed with the virus, please notify your supervisor.  If you are still able to work from home, you will not be required to take any leave. If you are not able to complete any work from home, you will be required to take sick leave, personal leave, or vacation leave. If taking leave as a result of the virus, please put Covid-19 in the leave request. 

LCCC will help employees without leave who are directly impacted by Covid-19 (need to self-quarantine, are diagnosed with Covid-19 or have a first-degree relation that is diagnosed with the virus) and unable to work as defined in Procedure 6.6.1P. Contact HR for assistance accessing donated leave. Employees must use all current leave (sick, vacation, personal) and a maximum amount of donated leave per employee will be 10 working days.

Events that meet the guidance of state and local health officials will be considered on a case-by-case basis. All requests should be coordinated through your Cabinet representative. For off campus groups, all requests should be coordinated through your LCCC Contact.

Please use the Care Team or talk with James Miller, Dean of Students directly to evaluate how we can assist these students during this time. There are emergency funds available to assist students through a review process. 

We will continue to follow the guidance of our state and local officials regarding when it is safe to have our employees return to the workplace, and we anticipate this guidance will also inform when it is safe for students to return to school or childcare centers.  We remain in close communication with our school districts and will strive to minimize any  impacts to our employees at LCCC with children in these facilities. 

Wyoming residents can apply for unemployment by visiting the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services webpage to find all available resources and information.

If you are a resident of another state, you will need to contact your state’s Unemployment Insurance Division for assistance.