Feb. 27, 2019

Join us for a FREE day of hands-on exploration
of careers and programs related to
STEM, agriculture, arts and trades. 
Choose from 10 exciting tracks.

Open to all high school juniors and seniors.
Space is limited, so register early.

You could even win scholarships to LCCC.

Registration opens Jan. 14.

STEM Day Schedule

9 a.m. Check-in and Welcome by LCCC President Joe Schaffer
9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Hands-on Tracks
12:30 - 1 p.m. Lunch and Activity Fair
1 p.m. Awards and Wrap-Up


Register for your preferred Track (only register for one):

Construction and Welding Track (limited to 60 participants)

  • Welding: Tour the new welding shop and learn the basics of cutting, grinding and welding metal. Try your hand at welding.
  • Construction Management – Heavy Equipment Simulator: Try out your skills on various heavy construction equipment simulators used in a variety of careers in the construction industry.
  • Engineering Technology – The Anatomy of a House: Explore architectural design as you design a small house on the computers and see parts of that house being cut out and engraved on the laser.

Automotive and Diesel Track (limited to 60 participants)

  • Automotive Refinishing: Students will briefly explore the equipment and techniques used in vehicle refinishing including spray gun operation and masking. Using a paint gun, students will demonstrate material application, gun set-back, and overlap by spraying the front clip of a vehicle. Students will also mask various items on a vehicle to demonstrate pre-paint preparation.
  • Automotive Technology: Students will explore the equipment and automotive technology shop, and learn about the career opportunities in this industry. Students will then blow up an air bag and see how the mechanisms work.
  • Diesel: Students will explore how PC Diagnostic Software is used in combination with a CAN Adapter to communicate with various ECUs (onboard computers) that medium and heavy trucks are equipped with today. Students will also go through the various components of a disassembled diesel engine and meet with industry representatives to learn about career opportunities.

STEM Track (limited to 60 participants)

  • Geospatial Technology: How do those "magic" maps on your phone, tablet, computer or vehicle navigation system tell you what, where and how to get to places all around the world? Come find out by exploring geospatial technologies (GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing), which provide the power behind online mapping services such as Google Maps, MapQuest, Bing Maps as well as virtual globe programs like Google Earth.
  • Sudoku: More than just a puzzle: Solve Sudoku puzzles while exploring the math behind it and answering intriguing questions about the puzzle. We will also discuss the history of the puzzle and similar puzzles. A mathematician will come in and speak about their career and hand out swag from their company. *May include a panel of mathematicians for Q&A.
  • Surgical Technology: Surgical Technology? Never heard of it! Come to the surgery technology lab and find out what technologists really do! Test your skills in a hands-on simulation.

Music Track (limited to 75 participants)

  • History of Rock and Roll: Rock out in this session on the history of Rock and Roll and its influence on music genres for generations.
  • Rehearsal Time: Bring your musical instruments and voice and join the Collegiate choir and band to make music in this jam session designed for you.
  • Scholarship Performance Opportunity: Bring your talents and a choice of music to show off your skills for a chance to earn a music scholarship to LCCC. Scholarship winners will be announced in the final STEM Day session! Explore drawings and learn about the new performing art space set to start building in summer 2019.

    Creative Track (limited to 25 participants)

  • JoVE Science Video Demonstrations: Explore the intricate details of cutting-edge experiments through the JoVE Science Demonstrations and learn how this tool is helping STEM majors learn more at LCCC. Expand your skills as you practice one of the experiments.
  • Art Gallery Tour: Explore the current contemporary art exhibit at LCCC and learn about the many modalities of art courses and majors offered at the college.
  • Just Do It! Improv is Acting!: Acting isn't that hard! Come explore the basics of acting (and writing) with an hour of improvisation. Fun, games and instant stories!

Health Science Track (limited to 12 participants)

  • Radiography: Visitors will observe two different sets of radiography students taking their exposures of phantoms for their lumbar spine positioning lab. The radiography students will walk through the steps they are performing, talk about clinical education, and answer any questions they have about the process of the program. Visitors will explore a station where LCCC faculty will be critiquing student positioning simulations. A station will be set up with actual radiographs with pathology and anatomy highlighted for students to view to give them an idea about the curriculum content covered in the program and lab. If there is time, there will be one exposure of a "mystery box" and the visitors can guess what's in the box by looking at the radiograph before we open it to see if they are right.
  • Nursing: Learn about the versatile nursing degree and tour the classrooms and labs used to teach students in this program. Learn about vital signs and try your hand at taking a blood pressure and counting a pulse rate.
  • Dental Hygiene: Learn about the dental hygiene program at LCCC and possible careers as you tour the working clinic on campus. Visit with faculty and students about the things they learn in the classroom and the clinic setting.

Wind Energy, HVAC and Electrical Track (limited to 48 participants)

  • Wind Energy: Students will explore magnetism and how it relates to the production of electricity. During the lab, students will perform different experiments with magnets to include creating a working miniature wind turbine with a permanent magnet generator that produces 3-phase power.
  • Electrifying Exploration: What is voltage? What is current? Follow schematics to build series and parallel circuits. Investigate your circuits using digital multimeters. See how voltage splits into a series of circuits and how voltage is the same across branches of a parallel circuit.
  • HVAC Under Pressure: Students learn how pressure effects the boiling point of water and discuss how changing the boiling point of refrigerant allows HVAC technicians to move heat from where it is not needed to where it can be rejected. See how refrigerant changes states during this process.

Ag and Equine Track (limited to 90 participants)

  • Equine: Students will rotate between two demonstrations. The first experience is how a horse is started in the round pen in preparation for saddling. During this session students will learn the basics of horse behavior and starting a horse in the round pen. The second demonstration of how a horse's lower leg is held together by ligaments and tendons and some of the problems that can occur to the horse. During this session students will learn that anatomy of a horse's lower leg and learn about the various problems that can occur to make a horse lame and what lameness is.
  • Domestic Livestock Reproduction and Careers in Ag: Hands-on exploration of cattle, sheep, and swine reproduction systems and learn how understanding livestock reproduction systems and cycles are critical for successful livestock management. Students will investigate careers and opportunities in many areas of agriculture.
  • Business/Entrepreneurship/Accounting: Build a prototype product and pitch your idea to a mock investment team. Prizes for the best product and pitch!

Computer Track (limited to 60 participants)

  • Computer Science: Explore the many different career opportunities in the computer science and computer information systems field. Discover the language of computer coding and apply your skills as you code a microprocessor chip.
  • Microsoft Virtualization: Set up virtual machines in Hyper-V as you explore Microsoft Virtualization.
  • Cybersecurity: Learn how and then test your skills at removing a computer virus.

    Science Track (limited to 75 participants)

    • Disease Transmission Simulation: Learn how easily diseases can be transmitted within groups of people and discuss ways to prevent disease transmission in this eye-opening simulation.
    • Virtual Cadaver and Organ Demonstration: 

      Virtual cadaver and organ demonstration. Check out LCCC's virtual cadaver table that features a virtual, life-size human body. Explore different body systems on the virtual cadaver and then see some real organs in action!


      Reactions and Enzymes: 

      Reactions and enzymes. Ever wonder what a chemical reaction looks like through an infrared camera? Now is your chance to find out! In this session, we will look at the thermal profiles of reactions, learn about how enzymes act as reaction catalysts and do an activity that demonstrates how enzymes work.