9 a.m. - 1 p.m. on Feb. 28, 2018

High school juniors and seniors as well as community members
are invited to learn more about STEM-related careers with
presentations, hands-on activities, lunch and a career fair. 

This event is free, but space is limited.

Registration is closed.

STEM Day Schedule

8:45 a.m. Arrive at LCCC's Recreation & Athletic Center (RAC) Multi Purpose Gym
9 a.m. Welcome
9:30 a.m.

STEM Day Station Rotations

Participants will visit 2-3 stations for 30-45 minute each depending on the area they select to explore.

The number of participants for each station is limited.

11 a.m.

Lunch with Speakers and Career Fair

Learn more about the businesses attending the Career Fair.

LCCC STEM Day - February 28, 2018

Register for your preferred STEM Station Rotation (only register for one):

Pathfinder (limited to 75 participants)

  • Disease Transmission Simulation: Learn how easily diseases can be transmitted within groups of people and discuss ways to prevent disease transmission in this eye-opening simulation.
  • Virtual Cadaver and Organ Demonstration: Check out LCCC's virtual cadaver table that features a virtual, life-size human body. Explore different body systems on the virtual cadaver and then see some real organs in action.
  • Reactions and Enzymes: Ever wonder what a chemical reaction looks like through an infrared camera? In this session, we will look at the thermal profiles of reactions, learn about how enzymes act as reaction catalysts and do an activity that demonstrates how enzymes work.

Automotive (limited to 40 participants)

  • Automotive Refinishing: Explore the equipment and techniques used in vehicle refinishing, including spray gun operation and masking.
  • Automotive Technology: Learn about the equipment and automotive technology shop, and then blow up an air bag and see how the mechanisms work.

Integrated Systems (limited to 40 participants)

  • Wind Energy and Math: Explore gears as they relate to wind energy and learn about the mathematics behind how they function.
  • Electrifying Mathematics: Create your own electrical circuits in this hands-on exploration of how electricity works and the mathematics behind circuits.

Agriculture (limited to 90 participants)

  • Equine: See a demonstration of the unique attributes of the digestive system of the horse and what it means to the horse manager and owner.
  • Domestic Livestock Reproduction and Careers in Ag: Hands on exploration of cattle, sheep, and swine reproduction systems and learn how understanding livestock reproduction systems and cycles are critical for successful livestock management.
  • Business/Entrepreneurship/Accounting: Learn and apply knowledge of marketing to a widely used consumer item. Work through application of accounting tools to better budget and manage your money.

Business (limited to 60 participants)

  • Computer Science: Discover the language of computer coding and apply your skills as you code a microprocessor chip.
  • Computer Information Systems: Try out your skills as you learn about Microsoft servers and virtualization in a hands-on lab.
  • Computer Information Systems: Learn how and then test your skills at removing a computer virus.

Flex Tech (limited to 60 participants)

  • Diesel: Tour the new Diesel Tech program and use computer equipment to conduct clutch adjustment and fault clearing.
  • Welding: Tour the new welding shop and learn the basics of cutting, grinding and welding metal. 
  • Engineering Technology/Construction Management: Learn how to design and use the 3D printer, laser and other fun tools in the engineering technology lab.

Science (limited to 12 participants)

  • Radiography: Observe radiography students taking their exposures of phantoms for their lumbar spine positioning lab and get hand-ons with a "mystery box" where participants try to figure out what is inside by looking at the radiograph.
  • Dental Hygiene: Learn about the dental hygiene program at LCCC and possible careers as you tour the working clinic on campus. OR
    Sonography: Explore the sonography lab and learn about all the different ways sonography is used in healthcare.
  • Nursing: Learn about vital signs and try your hand at taking a blood pressure and counting a pulse rate.

Health Science (limited to 45 participants)

  • Surgical Technology: Surgical Technology ... Never Heard of it? Come to the surgery technology lab and find out what technologists really do. Test your skills in an hands-on simulation.
  • Emergency Medicine: Try the new LUCAS 3 mechanical CPR device on a mannequin.
  • Agro-Ecology: Explore the web of life through the belly of a worm. See what agriculture, ecology and food webs have to do with future food markets, where we get our food and where it goes.