Sexual Offenses

At Laramie County Community College, reports of sexual assault are taken seriously and  treated with dignity and respect. In order to deal most effectively with sexual assault on campus, we must be aware of any assaults that occur on campus.


Laramie County Community College recognizes that sexual assault is a serious issue and will not tolerate acts of sexual assault on campus. The college will investigate all allegations of sexual assault and take appropriate disciplinary, criminal or legal action, with consent of the accuser.

It is the accuser's option to make an official report to the Laramie County Sheriff's Department. The college encourages reporting and can help accusers make a report to the proper authorities.

With the person's consent, Campus Safety will contact the Laramie County Sheriff's Department to conduct a criminal investigation of a reported sexual assault. If the Sheriff's Department requests a medical examination, it will be done at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center with no charge to the accuser. At the person's request, a trained counselor from the college or community will be provided.

The accuser and accused are entitled to the same opportunities to have others present during campus disciplinary proceedings, and both shall be informed of the outcome of disciplinary proceedings. Sanctions may include suspension or expulsion for a student offender and termination of employment for employee offenders. Living and academic situations will be changed if reasonably possible.

Sex Offender Information

Information regarding registered sex offenders in Wyoming is available through the Wyoming Attorney General's Office, Division of Criminal Investigations at
For information regarding offenders employed by or attending Laramie County Community College, contact Campus Safety.

What is Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault is any sexual penetration, sexual intrusion or sexual contact without a person's consent.
Many victims of sexual assault suffer in silence, telling no one about what happened. Embarrassment, fear of not being believed, unfamiliarity with the legal system and support services, and fear of retaliation may all contribute to reluctance to report a sexual assault. We strongly urge anyone who is a victim of sexual assault to report it promptly.
Do not douche, shower, bathe or destroy clothing. All physical evidence, including fluids, hair, clothing, and fingernail scrapings can be very important in criminal proceedings. Prompt reporting gets you into the network of support services more quickly and increases the likelihood that the offender will be caught.
The sooner you report a sexual assault, the more promptly attention can be turned to your medical and emotional needs.