2013-2014 Updates

Important 2013-2014
Financial Aid Updates

What is new or what has changed?

Beginning this fall, the financial aid office will be implementing some changes in how financial aid will be processed at LCCC. The following changes will be implemented this fall 2013:
• A financial aid census date will be established each term (10 business days after the term begins). The fall semester census date is: 9/09/13.
• The first disbursement of Title IV aid will be scheduled the day after the census date.
• Credit refund checks will be mailed to students who have had their financial aid disbursed to their student account, after the census date, and have a credit balance. This could take an additional seven to 10 days.
• Students will be able to charge books at the college bookstore at the beginning of the term, if their financial aid is complete and they are eligible to charge books.

What is a financial aid census date?

A financial aid census date will be used by the financial aid office to determine the amount of Title IV aid that you are eligible to receive, based on your enrollment/credit hours. The census date is 10 business days after each term begins. 

How does a census date affect my financial aid? 

Financial aid awards made before the beginning of a semester are based on expected full-time enrollment status. Your enrollment status will be checked on the census date of each semester/term. If your registered credit hours are less than full-time, your awards will be adjusted at that time. For example, if you are enrolled full-time on the census date, you will receive a full-time Pell grant disbursement (if eligible to receive Pell). If you are enrolled half-time on the census date, you will receive a half-time Pell grant disbursement. 

When will I receive my Title IV aid?

The earliest Title IV aid will be disbursed to your student account record will be the day after the census date. If you have a credit balance on your account, a credit refund check will be processed and mailed to your address that is on file with LCCC. This can take seven to 10 days after the disbursement of aid. It is important to note, that if you do not have a completed financial aid file, your Title IV aid will be delayed.  

What is a completed financial aid file?

In order to have a completed file, you must:
• Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online: www.fafsa.ed.gov. (LCCC school code: 009259)
• Submit an application for admission, an official high school transcript or official college transcripts (if applicable) to LCCC. Returning students who must be readmitted to LCCC also must submit all application materials necessary for readmission.
• Submit all required documents that the financial aid office may request. Respond quickly to all requests from our office and other agencies to avoid processing delays. 

What if I need to charge books at the beginning of the semester?

If you have a completed financial aid file, you may be able to charge books at the college bookstore at the beginning of the semester. Students who have a file complete date prior to 7/31/13 should be able to charge books beginning on 8/19/13. More information will be provided to you when you receive your financial aid award notification for the fall semester. 

What if I drop or add classes after the financial aid census date?

Students who drop or add classes after the financial aid census date will not have their Title IV aid awards adjusted, unless they completely withdraw from all classes. Students who completely withdraw or stop attending all of their classes before the end of a term will have their aid reviewed, and may be subject to a Return to Title IV (R2T4) calculation. The calculation determines “earned” and “unearned” Title IV aid. LCCC must return “unearned” Title IV funds to the various federal aid programs. Students will be notified if funds are returned as a result of this calculation, and if this creates a balance owed to LCCC. It is also important to note that students who drop classes after the census date will receive a “W” on their transcript. Please contact the registration office for more information about drop/add policies for this fall. Students who drop classes after the census date may also have their financial aid impacted negatively by LCCC’s Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policies. Please contact the financial aid office if you are considering dropping a class or withdrawing from all classes after the census date, to receive support and guidance before you make any decisions.
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If you have additional questions, please contact the financial aid office:
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