Does a student need to be admitted before he/she can apply for financial aid?
No. A student can apply for financial aid any time after January 1. To actually receive funds, however, you must be admitted and enrolled.

What must the student complete in Admissions before financial aid can be processed?
The student must have his/her admissions application completed and be seeking a degree. (The student must complete a college placement exam (COMPASS) with his or her schedule approved by an advisor.) The college must have all the student’s official transcripts from high school and other colleges on file before the Financial Aid Office can begin processing the student’s request for financial aid.
What constitutes a student’s completed federal financial file?
Along with having a completed Admissions file, the student’s federal financial file is complete when the Financial Aid Office has a completed FAFSA with all information needed to verify and make official. Once the student’s federal financial aid file becomes complete, he/she will be assigned a file complete date.
Is the file complete date important?
Yes. The most current file complete dates are worked first.
How will a student’s future federal financial aid be affected when repeating courses?
Positively and negatively. A repeated course will improve the student’s cumulative GPA if he/she receives a higher grade for the repeated course. A student must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 to receive federal financial aid. Also, a repeated course adds to the student’s attempted credits. A student is allowed a maximum number of attempted -- not completed -- credits at a two-year college before he/she will become ineligible for future federal aid, which is referred to as maximum time frame.
Does completing the FAFSA before the semester starts guarantee that a student will have his/her institutional expenses paid at the time tuition is due?
No. If a student applies late and does not have a file complete date before payment is due, he/she will be responsible for all institutional costs, including textbooks, until the student’s aid is awarded. Also, if a student is appealing to reinstate his/her financial aid, he/she will be responsible for all costs prior to a decision for reinstatement. Completion of FAFSA to final awarding is usually a two- to four-month process. If a student has started any of the processes late or after the deadlines, it would be in the student’s best interest to wait and register for the next term when all pieces are in place prior the deadline dates.

How does the student’s academic plan relate to the student’s financial aid welfare?
For federal financial aid, student has a maximum time frame restriction on hours attempted before he/she becomes ineligible to receive federal financial aid. It is important that the student is advised to stay on course and to follow the degree plan associated with his/her major of study. Course of study changes will also impact student’s maximum time frame.

For institutional scholarships, the student has a two-year time parameter to complete the degree requirements; therefore, it is important that the student understands the conditions of the academic plan.

Can a student charge textbooks to the campus bookstore if he/she does not have a completed financial aid file or did not apply for financial aid?

Yes. If the student enrolls in our payment plan, he/she will be eligible to charge his/her textbooks. The payment plan will change the total due to the college, which in turn will change the monthly payment.

What type of financial is available for the summer semester?
Federal financial aid is available for summer semester. The summer aid will be awarded based on and applies to the FAFSA results from fall and spring semester for the current academic year, not for the upcoming academic year. For a student to be considered for federal aid for the summer semester, the student needs to complete a summer financial aid application in conjunction with the fall/spring institutional application.

Also, sponsor awards such as military, transitional services, and Division of Vocational Rehabilitation are awarded year-round. Unless the Financial Aid Office has been given a detailed division allocation or donor request for summer, scholarships typically are not awarded for summer semester.

For students appealing for federal financial aid, what does my adviser need to provide for an "academic plan?"
The academic plan is attached to the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal form (found on the Financial Aid forms page) and needs to include only classes that are required for your degree. This form will need to be signed by both you and your adviser.