Progression of Services

TRIO has a well-defined progression of services to help students succeed at LCCC, graduate and/or successfully transfer to a four-year institution.
In the first year, the program will help students receive academic advising, create their "Master Academic Plan," connect with faculty mentors, navigate financial aid and literacy processes, secure tutoring and explore career options. In the second year, the program will continue to work with students on the previous services but add transfer advising. Transfer is very important to explore at least a year before the actual transfer occurs. If students continue to need services beyond their second year, the program will help them solidify their career goals and continue to mentor students as they prepare to transfer and/or graduate.
TRIO Progression of Services
1st Year Services 2nd Year Services Beyond 2nd Year Services
Master Academic Plan
Academic Strategies & Advising
Financial Aid/Literacy
Career Exploration
Increase Transfer Aspirations
Transfer Advising
Educational Planning
Solidify Financial Aid
Transfer/Career Match
Job Search Strategies
Loan/Debt Management
Mentoring to Finish LCCC

Not only will this progression of services help students achieve their academic goals, it will help meet the necessary objectives written into TRIO'S federal grant. Students will sign a "Partnership Agreement" when they become a participant. This partnership highlights the responsibilities students have, including preparing for and attending classes; applying for financial aid and scholarships; attending tutoring, counseling and advising sessions, etc.