Friends of TRIO

Each year, TRIO presents the Friend of TRIO award to LCCC faculty and/or staff members in recognition of their dedication and commitment to working in partnership with TRIO, to believe in, encourage and inspire TRIO students to achieve their academic potential.
  • Rakhshi Hamid, Director-Center for Secondary Students
  • John Schneider, Specialist-Systems and Technology Support
  • Zac Roehrs
  • Dean McIntire
  • Lenora Munoz
Sabrina Lane 
Sabrina LaneOur first Friend is Sabrina Lane. Students rarely understand the behind the scenes work required to process financial aid and scholarships from all sources, and to manage their student accounts in terms of tuition and fees charges and financial aid refund checks. But they sure sit up and take notice when they cannot register because of outstanding balances. SAGE staff tries to help students understand this complex process, but even we sometimes have problems understanding the student accounting system. 

This year financial aid processes changed drastically – and because of this we became aware of an accounting process that we did not know existed; a process that has an immediate and very negative impact on student finances. Apparently our Colleague accounting software automatically charges the student account at the moment of registration. This is a good thing. Except when a student drops a course that reduces their full-time status, without simultaneously adding a course of the some number of credit hours, but then later on adds a course and is immediately charged tuition and fees on the added course – regardless of being back at full time status. I was outraged! This is like double-dipping in the ice cream without permission! It seems like students are charged tuition twice, and they are. How can we do this to our students who are least able to afford college in the first place? 

So I called Sabrina – the first time this happened – and she explained to me how the system worked. When I explained that the student whose account was in question was devastated, ready to leave school, and not in a financial position to pay these added charges, Sabrina said, “Let me ask about this and see if I can fix it.” And she did just that! She reversed the additional charges. She made one student very happy and very able to remain in school. 

But Sabrina was also concerned that we (the institution) would do this at all. She said she would bring up this “problem” at appropriate meetings to see if there is another way of assessing tuition and fees in this type of situation. OMG!!! Someone actually understood what TRIO students and staff deal with on a daily basis. One instance, ONE, and Sabrina was on it. Then another, and another. And Sabrina reversed those charges for those students as well. 

But she did not stop there. She continues to mention this problem at every appropriate meeting. She is our watchdog for low-income students when we cannot be there. On behalf of the three students who are still enrolled because of your actions and concern, Sabrina, we are honored to call you a Friend of TRIO.
Jeri Griego 
Jeri GreigoJeri Griego is a friend of TRIO for many reasons. As an instructor in Accounting/Business, Business, Agriculture & Computer Technology, which just by the long title suggests she is a very, very busy instructor, Jeri listens to students, student want to take classes from Jeri which is so refreshing to hear because often we hear what instructors the students DON’T want to take, she follows through on her advising and seems like she actually enjoys advising, and as an instructor and she simply cares about the students being successful.

Students love Jeri because she goes the extra mile. We know we can always count on her to give extra support to our students-Jeri wants to know their situation and any obstacles they may be having so she can help them rise above any obstacles. Jeri is great about giving students feedback and easily develops a partnership relationship in working with students. The students know that Jeri expects them to do well, sets the bar high, and they want to do well for her. Whether it is understanding their needs for career or for transfer, Jeri helps students get that information. Students say she understands their individual needs and takes care of them from start to finish. Regarding advising, Jeri advises the whole student including knowing how financial aid is impacting their needs in the short term and long term and how financial limitations might play into their needs as a student and being advised.

We in TRIO know that Jeri is quick to get back to us with student issues, giving of her time with more “sensitive and time-consuming issues” and is not afraid to share information back and forth between our offices to make sure the situation and student is taken care of.

Some of you know that I have my own little “food pantry” in my office. Students can come in and grab a granola bar or something to drink. Many students are limited in their resources and it isn’t as easy as some might think to buy a snack when it means that or a bus ticket home. I wish I had mentioned it sooner but I knew the moment that I got it in my head to look into a food pantry for LCCC, I would contact Jeri. She was on it and now I am happy to report that with her expertise and leadership in service learning on our campus, many students will be able to have a little less food insecurity thanks to her selflessness and guidance. 
Thank you, Jeri, for all you do for LCCC and our students. We can’t thank you enough for helping us help students.
Tammie Keney
Tammie KeneyTammie Keney’s position is key to the success of all LCCC students who experience disabilities. Her knowledge of ADA compliance in higher education is impeccable. She guides not only students but staff and faculty in how to best achieve academic success. She is very honest and frank with students, but she is also very supportive and ready to advocate for student success.

Sher will tell you a story about a student left by a community agency at the TRIO doorstep a few years ago; a student whom Sher knew she could never reach or teach or mentor to success on her own. Tammie was there to listen to Sher’s concerns, to provide information and research on the student’s disability, and to help develop a plan of action to hopefully ensure that this student would graduate. Things got rocky for the student on several occasions in both classroom and social situations. Yet, Tammie never wavered from her support of the student or TRIO despite the student’s anger toward the system and anger toward Tammie. She never gave up on that student, who did graduate.

Tammie never gives up on any student. She works tirelessly to ensure that every student is given an equal chance at educational success. She comes with students and staff to meetings with faculty and deans to address academic concerns. She meets with staff to discuss specific success strategies and to ensure that we are on the same page with students who tend to run circles. She brings disability awareness to the entire campus through webinars, speakers, and events. She reaches out to area high schools so those students will know where to seek assistance, where to find a friendly face, when they arrive at LCCC. 

This is a case of “it takes a village.” TRIO could never provide sole support to our students with disabilities. Tammie, we are honored to have you as a Friend of TRIO.
  • Greg Flores, 2012
  • Anne Wolff, 2012
  • Roz Schlisk, 2012
  • Mary Ludwig, 2011
  • Elizabeth Chambers, 2011
  • Stacy Maestas, 2010
  • Dave Gaer, 2010
  • Dennis Schroeder, 2009
  • Kevin Kilty, 2009
  • Crystal Stratton, 2008
  • Mary Aragon, 2008
  • Cathy Rogers, 2007
  • Arshi Rizwani-Nisely, 2007
  • Marlene Lyday, 2007
  • Molly Williams, 2006
  • Jeff Schmidl, 2006
  • Liz Jackson, 2006